It is hot and dry.

The last two months have produced record high temperatures and record low amounts of precipitation. Reduced snow pac in the mountains this winter, combined with little rain makes for some rivers only having 25% of the normal flow. Salmon usually don’t go to spawn just yet and usually wait until the rivers are the right temperature until they start upstream. People are measuring water temperatures and two or three degrees is significant. So water restrictions may be  greater this year, but the long term effect on the fish population is more concerning to me(always a fisherman’s daughter). My uncles were gill-net  fishermen.  I also was raised on the banks of the Fraser river.

Every night on tv, the weather caster  comments on the number of new high temps for the day. It has been average of 30 or so a day, throughout the province. It has also been very humid. The province has nearly spent this years fire budget already and the worst of the forest fire season won’t be here until August or September. The medians along the road are so dry, one cigarette carelessly tossed has caused fires. Dry lightning is a problem throughout the province.  The jet stream is pretty entrenched,so the weather will not be changing very much. There is also a red  algae along the pacific coast of North amercia so now the shell fish can’t be used.

My mom used to take the ironing outside under a shady tree and the sewing machine went outside as well. I have done both but I I would rather stay in front of the fan sipping ice tea. I have been drying my clothes outside.IMG_2459


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  1. Fabrickated
    Jun 30, 2015 @ 09:10:13

    These fundamental changes in the weather are very concerning. Luckily we are seeing salmon stocks increasing again in the UK. It is very hot in the UK at the moment and although we really appreciate it some of it is caused by so much garden and inner city greenery being obliterated.

    I love the idea of sewing and ironing outside but it would just not be worth the hassle here in London. And we don’t have an outside space anyway.


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