the snow effect

Another 6 inches of snow today, and it is getting to me. I’d love to stay wrapped up on the sofa, with a fire, a pot of tea, and a good book to read. I desire mashed potatoes, gravy and after the first course, I want chocolates and pudding. I am happy in my nice hand knit socks.
My hubby has been painting the 2 bedrooms in the new place, one will be his office and the other my sewing room and guest quarters. The colours we have chosen are Spiced Rum, a rich brown colour and for my room, Indian Summer. A terra cotta colour, lovely and warm and reminds me of Santa Fe. I do wonder what colour I would have chosen if it had not been snowing.

Damselfly wanted to know this years word, I think maybe I’ll chose “Explore” . Although I am not moving very far, just a few blocks, there is a new neighbourhood and house to explore. Looking through catalogues, making decisions, changing things around and exploring the options.