I wrote this up last week, and the painter comes in a couple of days.
I have been living with more dust than normal. Mostly grout and drywall. Man that gets everywhere. Drop cloths went  from the ensuite bathroom down the stairs, through the kitchen to the back door.  All the old tile, counter, sinks, taps and toilet were removed.

The tile is now up, there is heat under the floor tiles, counter and sinks are in as well as the toilet(dual flush) and most of the taps. One is still on order.  The shower door was installed. I am loving the heat under those tiles. We went with big tiles, 12″ by 36″ on the walls and 17″ by 25″ on the floor.  Love the new light. Still to buy all the other bits, towel bars,( I got those the other day), mirrors, art and new towels.

The tiles are hard to photograph, the white one is on the walls.

Last week, Maria, from Colour me Happy, came to do the bathroom colours. It is going to be wonderful. Our painter comes in a couple of weeks. I won’t put up pictures  on the blog until that is done.

Double diamond socks

Several years ago, I bought some seconds of yarn from Fleece Artist, at Beehive in Victoria  and I have finally got around to knitting it up. It is a Djion mustard colour, I made my own pattern up. I drew it up on graph paper and then found it was much easier to follow once I had translated the symbols to a written pattern. I just used a traditional heel flap and 64 stitches for the pattern.
After a light steaming, the pattern really appeared and I wore them yesterday and they were quite comfortable.

I went to investogate a noise outside this morning, opened the shutters in the bedroom and found this.

Time to shut that window.

Crusade #45 Back to Back

Michelle’s latest crusade called Back to Back, uses the papers we made last month that we scraped paint with a credit card. So first it was to copy our papers a couple of times and then use these backgrounds in different ways.

Since we have a scanner, I thought no problem, I’ll just scan and print. After a frustrating hour or so and playing with 2 printers,  and 3 colour programs. I had several sheets of coloured paper that bore little resemblance  to the originals. I went off to the local printer a couple of blocks away. I had my new copies that actually matched the originals.

Here is the range of papers, I made, along side the originals.

So in the end, I played with the copies that I had made that didn’t match the originals.

Woven with doodles added.

This page just strips of one page over the other with ink added at the edges.

The pages with red and green, remind me of spawing salmon swimming up river. Here is some information about the salmon returning to the Adams River. I played with using a mask , drew fish, and wrote about salmon.

There are still more pages to play with at a later date. Thanks Michelle, for hosting the crusade again. I love looking at the posts by other bloggers on each crusade and feel now like I am visiting old friends.  Thanks to everyone who has commented on my blog, I love the feedback and appreciate your visits.

Vogue 8636

There are now two sewing groups in the Vancouver Guild of Fibre Arts,( there are also 2 knitting groups as well.  I belong to the Sew and Sews.  At the  Guild Christmas party, there is usually display from all the groups. This year the challenge for the sewers is a Marcy Tilton pattern from Vogue 8636.

I am using one of my new mesh knits, it’s pretty wild with words, which include Promise, knitting and bathing suits are for beauty pagents.  It is also a great combination of colours for my wardrobe, a I can see it with jeans as well as other solid colours.

 I am not a big fan of raglans, I took in my normal depth adjustment in the upper chest and arm, and I probably didn’t need to do it with this pattern. It is not too tight or binding because of the knit but next time, I will use the pattern straight out of the envelope.  Well, except for one thing, I lowered the front neckline one inch. Quite a few pulling lines, still have some work on this pattern, although it could also be the light weight of the fabric combined with my adjustments.

Third time around

I bought several knit mesh fabrics and one poly knit the last time I was in Dressew on Hastings. I find that store very hit and miss, but his time I lucked out with my prints.

One again I have fallen back upon using the Jalie Cross over top. I took out 3/4 of an inch in depth in the upper chest and sleeve and the v neck falls in a much better height. To my dismay I still need a safety pin, I guess I could sew it and that would be better in the long run. I no longer serge my hems, that seemed to cause me more problems than it solved. Now I use a narrow zig zag stitch to hem and it catches  the inside edge of the hem at the same time. I also use  a fusible tape inside the hem to anchor the edge.

birthday sweater

I knitted a birthday pullover  for a one year old. I made it a 24 month size. Cobalt blue in Snuggly Wuggly baby sport(acrylic). I know this one is liable to get in the wash and dryer. The pattern is in the Nashua  Blossom  12 designs for baby,  Spring/ summer 2008. 

So here is the Guernsey Pullover.