Some gloves and a walk

Some progress is happening. I have been to exercises 3 times a week, and most times I have also walked there and back. It takes about one and a half hours total, and is starting to feel like a routine. I like a little lie down when I am done, on the other hand I have noticed an increase in energy. No weight loss darn, must be all the good food.

I did finish the gloves. I have the whole idea figured out now but didn’t count too well adding in the extra rows,so they are slightly different lengths, I can live with it, the few times in a year that I will wear them. I also have long fingers, the gloves shorter stubby ones. I will probably knit another pair some day now that I know what I am doing.IMG_0972

Up next on the knitting front was a scarf and a hat. Hat has been ripped out, something wonky was going on. The scarf so far is working well, I don’t have a lot of yarn so it may be just a throat warmer. It is reversible. No photo yet.

A week ago, we went and wandered the trails at the mudflats. Considering it has been a public reserve for sometime, you’d think I would have been before but no. This art exhibit is by Ken Lum.


Any rate it is great and it will be interesting to see the changes throughout the season.

Party is over but the joy lives on.

I am still basking in the afterglow of a wonderful party. Twenty friends and family met at the MarinaSide Grill for a great dinner and cake, a great tasting gluten, dairy free wonder from Sweet tooth Cakery. There was toasts and presents,  a slideshow and a  video from Toronto.

Most photos didn’t turn out well,  but here are a couple.



Thomas Haas chocolates from our oldest son and his wife, and flowers from the youngest son and his wife.

The flowers are heavenly smelling and looking and the chocolates are to die for, 9 luscious little goodies per layer of that box.

Thanks to my online friends for their wishes.

Starting February

February is always a bit of a whirlwind in our house. Hubby’s birthday is on the first, mine on the 6th, DIL on the 9th and BIL on the 28th. In between cousins and firends also have birthdays.
Just the two of us this year to celebrate hubby’s with dinner but he is planning a big celebration for my 65th.
In honor of the big 65, I got my haircoloured and cut, got my new glasses a month ago and now exercises as well.

Although I did my usual knitting and sewing this week, nothing really to show for it. Rows that were knitted were ripped back and reknit. Seams were put in and taken out and sewn again. I still haven’t cut out anything new, I am still working on the great unfinished pile.

Walking back from exercises, I saw some art I haven’t seen before,even though I have been down the street many times. It has been there a few years at least. Metal figures on a staircase with writings in the metal, about the early days in our community. IMG_0244IMG_0251<

There was also a bridge in the little park, which had words carved into the planks. All about the life of a salmon, being a fisherman’s daughter, I just loved it.IMG_0248IMG_0919

I bought some yellow tulips and placed them in an old vase of my mother’s.