Practice makes perfect.

I have been brushing up on a few skills, still need to practice but usually I dive in and have to redo. I have some ideas for sewing and when one thing isn’t working so well, I take a break and try something else. I have been thinking of travel wardrobes, light weight layering pieces without a lot of bulk. I also need to finish some bags I have been making for a few months now. Mostly that sewing has been dormant but a couple of weeks ago, I put the vinyl to the test, the piping worked a treat and  have applied it to the necessary bags, I need to put in a magnet next before I do the next seam. I am still stymied with the bag handles and now know what I want but my piping for the handles is too soft, as per usual I have no idea where the vinyl tubing is. I am sure I saved it somewhere, but it will be easier to walk to the hardware store. I bought new vinyl and tried it in a handle but don’t like the finish where it joins to the bag. I have now ordered new hardware from Emmaline bag supplies. I will make straps and use rivets to attach them to the metal rings and the bag.


I would like a sheer top to layer over a woven tank and maybe also as a detail in a skirt. I bought this amazing fabric in Paris a few years ago, and it has intimidated and fascinated me ever since. So this is the year that I start. Although the sheer sections are mostly blue and green with some gold, over a coloured fabric it changes the look of the sheer areas.  Very exciting possibilities  So today, I sat down and tried out a few different seam finishes and it is not so intimidating. Just need to be careful and take my time, accurately cut etc.IMG_2460

My colours aren’t the greatest but will try for some outdoor photos when the pieces are done.


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  1. fabrickated
    Jun 22, 2015 @ 06:46:18

    I have been thinking about travel wardrobes too (for obvious reasons) and am researching Vera Maxwell. I have never dared try piping of any description so am keen to hear about how you do this. I love your French fabric and the idea you have of two layers. Again something I often think about. Do show us the samples when you have finished them.


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