photo woes (photos added)

Blogger is driving me nuts! It has been awhile since I last had trouble uploading pictures but I am having the same trouble as before. My pictures are uploaded sideways for upside down! I have tried uploading at least 5 times in the last few days. A few months ago, I even tried rotating the pictures in my own files and still the uploaded differently!
Photos added: I hope you don’t mind the sideways views, just turn on side to take a look!

You will have to take my word for it. But I have some wonderful pictures of a rug hooked mat for my table from my dear friend, it has a ball of yarn and a sock in the design. I also received a fabric postcard in the mail and it has angelina fibers and an organza overlay.

On Sunday, we did a drive through in Stanley Park and we found the blue herons nesting. It was a wonderful thing to see as there were nearly 30 birds in a very small area. I will have to take another drive up to Porteau Cove, the nests looked the same as in Stanley Park, several in one tree and the trees were also close together. The birds in Stanley Park are near the tennis courts.

signs of spring

It was a blustery day last Sunday when we down at the beach. The paddlers were really having to battle some white caps, I don’t know if these people were protesting on Water Day on behalf of keeping the rivers clean for the fish habitat. At one of the other beaches in Vancouver a demonstration was being held. The crocus were up and made me feel cheerful on such a cold spring day.


Isn’t it great to have friends that understand you?
So here we are with pictures of our socks, we all understand the need for blog fodder. Plus, it is also good to have a hubby who photographs whatever I want.
Stephanie and Anne came over to see our new townhouse and have tea.

Some new additions

I went out to Fibres West with a friend on Friday morning and had decided that I’d only purchase sock yarn. Two balls of the blue Summer Sox, Malabrigo green with a greyish cast, Araucania Ranco multy, Mega Boots Stretch by Lana Grossa in two different colour ways. I was very happy with my purchases and we actually had fairly good weather for the hour drive.

Regarding the nests of the last post. I think that they might belong to Blue Herons. On the news the other night they had pictures of similar nests in Stanley Park, the birds have yet to return because of the wet and cold weather. I’ll be driving over to the park to check them out.

Stephanie, I don’t have very good skills with basketry, so I am afraid nest building is out for me, as an art challenge, interesting but will stay in the imaginary realm.
Metscan, thanks for visiting and if I find out more about the nests I’ll keep you informed.

bird nests

When the trees are bare, I am always on the outlook for bird’s nests. There doesn’t seem to be many anymore, usually only one nest in a group of trees. So when I was at Porteau Cove in Howe Sound last weekend, I was surprised to see a group of trees with several nests in each one. I have no idea what kind of bird made the nest but the complexity of a nest always intrigues me.

a brand new bag

Last year, I recycled our old sail from the sailboat. I took it to Red Flag Designs and a couple of weeks ago, they phoned to say that they had a thank you gift. So today this neat bag came in the mail, it is really sturdy and very well constructed. Don’t know yet what I’ll be carrying in it but I’ll think of something.

Out of town

We had out of town guests and decided to drive north to Squamish and possibly Whistler on Saturday morning. We made a special stop at Shannon falls, it was a little slippery to walk on the light snow fall and it was worth the short climb up the trail to see the falls. I loved looking at the rocks, click on the pics to make them bigger. I focused on taking pictures of rocks for Project Spectrum North.
In Squamish we arrived to find there was an art show, the exhibit was in a rail car shed at the railroad museum, it was a great show and we found several nice pieces that did not fit the budget. Wildatart hopes to hold the annual show next year in conjunction with the Olympic festivities in host it in the new roundhouse that is being built.
On the way back home, after a great lunch at the golf course restaurant, we stopped at Porteau Cove and took a picture of the rocks.

Default pattern

A friend wrote a few posts ago, that her default knitting was socks. I must admit that is my default knitting as well.
I have been thinking about what I am attracted to when I see fabric. What is the must buy?

It will be no surprise to my children but my favorite pattern is paisley. Big, small, it doesn’t matter. Next test for me is colour and the hand of the fabric.
Some blouse fabrics currently in the stash.

Certain stripes, especially black and white, just make me dizzy. I have a fondness for seersucker, it must date back to my childhood, as does the paisley. I like impressionist flowers. Although, I don’t wear plaids, some I adore.

But back to paisley, I buy paisley paper for cardmaking when I can find it, and I have carved a paisley stamp. It wasn’t terribly successful no doubt I need to work on that particular skill.