Fascinators, Canada Day hats

Don’t you just love that name? I have been fascinated with them for years but didn’t have the need for one. Vancouver is such a laid back city, and hats are rare and always noticed.

After reading about making them online, I dedided to make some to celebrate Canada Day on July 1st. Royalty is visiting Canada but not our province, so really thought party hats should be part of the celebrations this year.

I have made 6, just using what I had at home. Tulle, netting, pipe cleaners, some weird paper string stuff, some sequin waste,  a few paper flowers, and some sequin flowers.  I used white tacky glue and then decided that staples was easier.  Felt is next to the hair.

I hope my neighbours  have as much fun wearing these as I had making them.

Bamboo Tank

Back in June of 2009, I wrote about my latest project, bamboo, my own pattern, yarn Madill Eden.

Obviously, it has been languishing for awhile, it sort of got to a point where I was afraid to try it on and find out I’d have to do it all again. So after months of being in the nearly finished state, I took it away on a mini trip and finished working in all of the ends. Then had to wait for the weather to warm up.

It fits, neckline is good, armholes are good, hem is the right length. If I could get rid of the love handles, it would be perfect. I won’t be wearing a body shaper!












The Two Hour Tulip Purse

I finally finished something. I made up the purse from my Maui vacation. It had been cut out for awhile, but I was not satisfied with the fiberfill I had chosen. I wasn’t sure about the interfacing either, as it was quite stiff.  The other day, I finally unearthed the better thinner fiberfill and started in, without the pattern, as that had now gone missing.  I eventually found everything I needed, went out and got a new button, nothing in the 10 pound stash of buttons would do!

I lined it with some linen, which I still have another 8 or more yards in my stash.  With the stiff interfacing, it sits nicely open beside me on the couch, or on the table, it is my new portable waste basket. I did enjoy making it.

It looks so pretty

I am talking about my new sock, in Shibui, colour wasabi. I have been slowly plodding along, miscounting and ripping back. So last night I tried it on! OOPs it doesn’t fit. I need a crowbar and some slippery lotion. I did manage to get it over my heel but what a workout for my hands, I won’t be doing that again. I always use size 2mm needles, otherwise the socks just swim on my feet and I was worried about the cuff coming down. I managed to ignore the fact that that cuff or band would not stretch. I should have listened to the little voice.

The sock is a little greyed down,it has a yellowish tinge, in this photo. The pattern is nutkin and I was doing this for project spectrum  5.

Been Busy

I think I have turned a corner! My energy had been down around zilch, with a lot of aches and pains. Not much creative output. In the last 6 weeks, I have had physio mostly on my jaw(TMJ) and osteopathy on the rest of the body. I really needed a day or more to recover from each, the body was in a rebellious mood, not happy about change. I resolve not to let myself get so out of whack, next time when I need a realignment, I’ll take care of myself.  I am finally able to sleep on my side, that should also alieviate the neck and back pain from being a stomach sleeper! I need to take my night time pain meds an hour before I go to bed so they have had time to work.  A new acquitance did a little healing touch on my neck, what a difference.

While all this was going on, we were out of town nearly every weekend, attending year end events for a boating organization.  So we would pack up, drive, attned some events, I’d shop, eat too much come home and do it all again the following weekend.

We went off fto Bremerton, Washington first. I hit the fabric and craft stores on the way down. Stampadoodle in Belllingham was great, I loved that place before but now with the new location it was fabulous.  Got bits for my crafts at Joann’s, Hancocks, and Pacific Fabrics as well.  I also brought home a big painting. 36×36, just love it.

There were trips to Langford near Victoria, more shopping, once my endorphins kick in the pain goes away, once back to the hotel, the adrenalin shuts off and I am flat on my back, resting my weary self but I sure had fun.  Scrapbook parade and the Cloth Castle were great, it has been at least 20 years since I have been there and I wasn’t disappointed.

Prince George and Quesnel were next on the agenda, We stopped at 100 mile house on the way up, we were there in time to watch the hockey game. I had a lovely little shop the next morning, fabric and yarn, I got a couple of pieces of fabric and some sock yarn. I was starting to realize  that maybe I should stop buying fabric when I didn’t have the energy to sew, but really I hoped to feel energetic enough to sew again.

At Williams Lake, we went to the stationhouse gallery, an old PGE station, I bought a piece from the show but now the mail stike is stalling it’s delivery. I don’t want it lost in transit.

This is a back view of the old building but the neatest thing was the architect’s drawings from 1919.

Finally arrived in Quesnel and discovered a scrapbooking store a couple of blocks from the motel.

We went on to the Prince George the next day, stayed for a dinner meeting and then drove back home the next day. I am not really built for a 9 hour car ride anymore. Just glad to be back in my own bed.

I think the following week, we went to Campbell River, saw some friends in Courtney and found our accomodation for the weekend. Wonderful view of the Georgia Strait.

( I suppose now it is the Salish Sea). I shopped the next day with another friend and for such a small palce, we seemed to go around in circles but we had a glorious time after lunch with looking at clothing, household accessories, garden stuff, a yarn store, a really good one ,  and a super scrapbooking store.

Gee, maybe that’s why I was so tired.  Just remembered that there was 10 days in Maui in the midst of that.

Even squirrels like the sun

It has been a lovely weekend, sunny days, warm temperatures. So lots of people out at garage sales, working in their yards, enjoying the park and their boats.

Then I saw this squirrel on the elephant on the fence.

Crusade number 51

Michelle Ward continues with her latest series of crusades with evidence of our houses, called Home Sweet Home. I decided to tie it in with project spectrum as well, so I did use the red for May. I decided to work with house numbers, I have quite often kept records of colour schemes, room demensions, garden layouts etc but house  numbers seemed the way to go, especially after I found the paper with numbers on it. So I just included numbers of the  houses we owned.

After cutting the paper to fit the envelope again, I scraped on a coat of gesso and then got out a stensil. I used an old marker to do the outlines, then red  and black crayons to fill in and outline the numbers. I painted in the backgrouns with some craft paint. Then added some dull gold over the yellow, added some blue textile paint over the peridot.  The red was looking a little dull, so went over it again with some red fluid acrylic.  That made it pop.

I think it needs something else, I just added the details of the crusade challenge to the page.

Once again it was fun to join other artists online. So thanks, Michelle, for putting this out there for us. I haven’t read the posts from other artists, for the last 2 crusades, so I’ll be visiting the other artists and leaving comments. I can’t wait to see what they have done.