Merry Christmas

Some of my angels I stitched years ago.

Wishing all my blog friends a Merry Christmas.

My first mosaic

I have been thinking about next year, I don’t do resolutions but I like to make plans and lately having goals  and a word to guide the year has been interesting and fun.

Last year my knitting goal was 12 pairs of socks, I made 10, started 12. I tried a few different patterns this year and have decided that I like to work on my 2mm needles the best with 72 stitches. Some of the other socks just feel sloppy to me.

A couple of years ago I chose the word “embrace” and to apply it in all aspects, relationships, hobbies, health etc.

Last year, we moved and my new word was “explore”  and I explored my new surroundings, different grocery stores, kept rearranging my stuff, exploring what I really needed and not just wanted in my ever growing stash.

So this year another decision, I have a few ideas so far, still mulling them over for a week or two yet.

Nearly ready for the big day.

The tree is decorated, it sits in the family room off the kitchen, there really isn’t enough room in the living room. So it will require one more trip back to the storage locker to put away the boxes until after Christmas. I haven’t put out all my angels, that is my big collection of over 100,  but there is a lot of them on the tree, some on the mantel and a few on the side board. The is still one box of Christmas decorations missing. We have gone through the storage locker twice and that’s all I am doing this year but I will still have another search in the storage room downstairs.

I have done a lot of needlework over the years and had a lot of fun designing some of my own patterns, I do like getting them out at Christmas time and this year I have a red, green and gold sampler I did for my parents years ago on my mantel. Most of the year, I don’t have my needlework on the walls.

I finally got a couple of photos taken, but I wrote this on the 8th, still haven’t found the one box of Christmas stuff. The  little sachet pin cushion ornaments I designed but the snowmen were a pattern. They are about 15 years old.

I feel like singing

I ocassionally  walk down the street with a song in my head. Sometimes it is one of those annoying jingles that just don’t go away and you only know two lines.  Sometimes it is one of the old favorites that keep coming back.

But the cold weather seems to be setting off new synapses  in my brain. I am singing Christmas songs I don’t normally sing, sometimes I actually sing out loud instead of just under my breath. But can you tell me, what group of circumstances had me singing “zippity do dah”  as I am walking through the parking lot.

Cold, Cold, Cold

Out here in Lotus land, we just aren’t used to the temperature hovering around 0 degrees Celcius. It is lovely and crisp and sunny, which is better than fog or rain. But as soon as you walk in the shade or the wind blows it isn’t quite so nice. I have been bundled up quite nicely but seeing people without coats and in shorts, yikes. Granted a couple were out playing tennis but the rest were just walking around town or using transit.
The fountain in the local square has been frozen in the morning,

the rhododendrons are trying to protect their leaves.

We are getting some lovely sunsets.

What will it be?

I have been playing with some needlework, one is a Christmas gift, not quite finished yet but I haven’t done any for a few years and I had forgotten how much I had enjoyed working out patterns and playing with my threads and beads.

The other piece started, as a sample for Dare to be Inspired Day last month, with roving and angelina fibers needle felted onto a piece of felt.

I then covered it with some crystal organza.

I was then going to machine embroider some multi-coloured thread over the top but got distracted by some tubular nylon with a varigated thread running it.

So I couched it all down in a wiggly pattern, with some DMC 5 , which I had dyed many years ago.  I had the idea of making a folded wallet  for my pocket when I didn’t want a purse. It would make an great bookcover, if the thread  wasn’t likely to get caught in everything. So I guess it will sit until the next brainwave hits. Maybe a small evening bag but that is not really something I need. The last has had the colour balanced but is still not quite correct but closer than the first two photos.

I found another 5 sheep and have put them out as well, some end up in the wrong boxes when I pack up my Christmas things.

Getting ready for Christmas

The carpet is in and the room looks big until I try to put my stuff away. The bookcases are in and I want my stuff better organized, so most of it is in a different location. My lighting is terrible in this space, so I told dh, I would be thrilled with an overhead light. I overheard him talking about it with an electrician and so I think I may actually get it some day. I swear the builders just do things the easiest way, without thinking on how the room may be used. The switch on the wall works a lonely plug in the corner, behind a door, not convenient to anything.
I am making headway but there is still a lot to be done.
There is a small pile of books that will be given away.

Friday night, things are nearly all sorted out, just not quite in the right place yet.

I am a great procrastinator, so far I have gone through the Christmas boxes and have set up my kitchen window with my sheep collection, I love looking at them in this location and this house has a north facing window just like the old house. Rowanberrystudio, started me off with that collection many years ago. It is up to 27 now. Friends and family have all given me sheep over the years. It is so much fun to get them out each year.

sewing on vacation

While we were at Three Valley Gap museum, I found a couple of neat sewing related items.

The first was a story quilt, this one  is based on the Atlantic provinces but what intrigued me the most was the style of the quilt.

My grandma made a similar quilt for me, the pictures were drawn on the quilt top and were then coloured with crayons. After my mom would wash the quilt, the colours would have faded and we got to colour it again.

The next couple of neat things were a ribbon cabinet, I thought of several of my friends with large ribbon collections. The ribbons were wrapped around  large wooden spools and kept behind glass doors.











I have never seen a skirt rack like this, it is from 1800’s and is called a Buckingham skirt rack.