Yellow and Gold

I love the idea of focusing on a colour, all of a sudden it is everywhere and I seem to have a greater appreciation for it. So now yellow is the focus, this lovely rhodo is just outside our door.IMG_0157
I also finished my golden Mokira socks, I have only used half of the ball of the tofutsies yarn, hopefully I can get another pair from that ball as well.
I am working on a plain pair of socks at present. I also unearthed from the storage locker, two yellow yarns from Webs that I ordered about 25 years ago. I like both of them as much as I did back then, maybe now they will get started.IMG_0159

Project Spectrum East

EAST (May/June)
Color: Yellow
Material: Wood
Season: Spring
Element: Air

A new cardinal direction. Here is a link to Lolly who started this idea.
It is exciting again, heading off in a new direction. I love spring with all the flowers. There is so much to photograph.
I went out and had a manicure and pedicure yesterday. I feel totally energized. I went really bold with the nail polish, I think I am usually predictable, I chose Cajiun Shrimp! I think I was influenced by the girls, Cidell and Shannon who blog about their nail polish once a week.
I am clutching my next pair of Mokira socks and I am using golden Tufutsies.

Araucania socks

This was a lovely yarn to work with, nice and soft.
I did my normal 72 stitches on 2mm needles. IMG_0074
It is Ranco Multy colour 301.IMG_0104IMG_0105

Mokira green socks.

I started this pair of socks 10 days ago, Mokira from Spillyjane. The yarn is Indigo Moon, colour Salal. I enjoyed working with both the pattern and the yarn. I do think it looks like Malachite as the yarn is darker than in the photograph. img_0116img_0115

Project Spectrum North report

I know that I haven’t posted a lot but somethings were accomplished. The colour for the last two months has been green.
Knitting: one pair of green socks, “splots” my own design: second pair of green socks 3 done.greenives2
Sewing, 2 UFO’s;, both blouses, green colours, neither all that great, there was a reason they were left unfinished.
New blouse BWOF #123, from 02/08, second time with that pattern. I am fairly pleased with it. The fabric shed like crazy but now that all the seams are encased, I don’t have to lint brush my clothes every time I turn around, I am quite happy with it. I really have an abundance of green fabric.