Back to Basics

I wrote this back in January, so a few thoughts on sewing process.

I have not been making great makes. Something had to change. I decided that I had to do some simple sewing taking more care with cutting out and not rushing the sewing.

I started with a cardigan , it was a lovely fabric from Fabricana a few years ago, I cut the wrong size, put on some Petersham to stabilize the edge,. Not good, then tried to take it in, is now in a heap. Not sure where but It definitely needs a time out. (still in the heap)

So the plainest of patterns and some leftover from I don’t know when, and a new T shirt was ready for exercise class. It probably had the best neck  edge I have even sewn. I still need to fix the hems a bit. But wearable. Not photo  quality. I think it was a Kwik Sew basic T shirt pattern.

I started a velvet knit from Fabricland, paisley, teal, what could be better for me. So same pattern just lengthened,  I tried it on neckline and arms seemed Ok, but my oh too tight for me to sit down i, I decided that I could cut a couple  of long triangles and insert them on each side startling above the waist, it is just such a busy print, and it is not too noticeable where I didn’t match. (I wore it back in February and I felt very comfortable in it.)

I made another pair of flat bottom Flo from Style Arc, probably the best yet and I took a dart down the center back  which seem to work pretty well. not the best of material rather a light weight ponte, I think it came in a bundle from Fabricmart. They kept their shape fairly well.(these were in constant use,so pilling already, most of my ponte knit pants need to be replaced.IMG_0181

I finally got a good fit on a bra, made a PUG Shelly  with lace. I added a bit too much extra in the back, so it is not too tight but I think I should take out a 1/4 inch in the back in the next one and still need to improve my lace and tulle techniques.The photo is some of the bras I have made in the last year. The latest is the center one made with light copper duoplex with lace added to the outer edge of the cup, fabric from Bra Makers Supply with a Carmen wire from Emeralderin.


So  some success so far this year.

good intentions

I love reading about all the new challenges that  are being posted for the new year. I am oh so tempted.

A nephew came by the other day and helped me with Instagram. I guess I can post from the camera roll on my laptop,   I managed to get my first photo up. Talk about baby steps, at least it is progress.

I packed up the Christmas decorations.

I spend too much time on Netflix and reading posts about plans. In reality, I just like to dream.

So I have joined the 2018 Ready to wear Fast on Goodbye Valentino, Sara is hosting 1029 people in this challenge and it will give me incentive to post to Instagram.   I  am seriously considering the challenge from Bra Makers Supply as well. A new Challenge per month and the one for January is the colour of the year Ultra Violet.

Introducing ultra violet to my unmentionable drawer is a real  leap. but then I dream of that dye pot. Just maybe, I  can do it.

Summer top with lace

In Turkey, I bought a cheap top a cotton crinkle with raglan sleeves and rather bulky lace at the front neckline. Typical tourist top. I traced off a pattern for it and used a cotton medallion  lace in navy to go with some fabric I bought in Belgrade.


I can’t resist a paisley and although this one is very bright, worn with denim in the summer it will be fine. The fabric is very light lawn of silk and cotton I think. It is as soft as one of my mom’s old hankies. It is also very cool to wear.

I did narrow hems and I think I added some bias to the seam where I joined it to the lace.

I always planned on wearing it with dark denim or navy.


Two Conferences

I am interested in two up coming conferences.

First up, Felt-Feutre Canada, it is in Penticton in the Okanagan, and we will go see a couple of friends and visit the gallery show and maybe the vendors market. I have a desire to do some wet felted containers.

The second conference,  the Association of sewing and design professionals, is in Vancouver and has master class workshops and fashion shows, i would like to take in the gallery show and the vendors market. I have seen Ivan Sayers give a variety of talks, each one different and fun. His personal collection is enormous  and he is very knowledgeable.

A couple of Presto tops

In January I decided to make a couple of tops. I chose the Presto top by Coco  Savage, I made a size large and the first one I made was the burnout cotton/poly ?, I bought from Fabric mart. I loved the pattern but the hardest part was the front seam. Two  front pieces sewed down the center fold, but I liked being able to adjust the depth of the v neck at this stage of the pattern. The  sleeves were a little too narrow for me and they  tend to roll up above the elbow. People thought I had lost weight and got a lot of complements.\



The second blouse was made with a light mesh fabric from Fabricland, I made the sleeves a little wider. The fabric match up the front was not as good this time and the other problem I had was the hem, my fault, I used stretch lace hem tape, which I thought was a good idea but where it was sewn by machine it pulled too tight and so I have taken out that seam binding and will probably machine stitch the hem in place. I can’t resist a paisley especially in blue and brown which I can wear with jeans and brown pants.



Shams at Communing with fabric has also made the top a few times.

I will be making it again. I love a nice tried and true pattern.


Sometimes you find treasures.

We had a few days up in the Okanagan and in Penticton I visited the thrift store.I found 2 old Butterick transfer patterns for cutwork. I have been wanting to add something extra in the way of lace to a linen top, it may not get done for an upcoming trip but now I have a starting point. It is a long time since I have done any serious needlework, so I would have to practise first to make sure I could get my stitches even, and besides I have done hardanger embroidery so there are some similarities. Only 1 of the designs is missing.

There was a Kwik sew pattern for Toddler boys, I got the grandsons and a whole whack of denim in the stash. It is too dark for me.

I don’t usually go for old sewing books but I couldn’t resist this one, published about the time my mother got her featherweight singer. So just a bit of nostalgia. I love the part where it suggests that you go done to the store each season to get measured by the Singer instructor and on your final fitting to go in for final appraisal. The Singer Dressmaking Guide originally 25 cents.

So I got the whole lot for $1.00. IMG_2453

sewing on vacation

While we were at Three Valley Gap museum, I found a couple of neat sewing related items.

The first was a story quilt, this one  is based on the Atlantic provinces but what intrigued me the most was the style of the quilt.

My grandma made a similar quilt for me, the pictures were drawn on the quilt top and were then coloured with crayons. After my mom would wash the quilt, the colours would have faded and we got to colour it again.

The next couple of neat things were a ribbon cabinet, I thought of several of my friends with large ribbon collections. The ribbons were wrapped around  large wooden spools and kept behind glass doors.











I have never seen a skirt rack like this, it is from 1800’s and is called a Buckingham skirt rack.

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