I couldn’t resist

I was over at Three Bags Full today, looking for yarn for another baby jacket. I got some Rowan pure wool DK.
They had the socks featured in this pattern, I had to have it. The instructions are printed out and are also charted.http://siviaharding.com/JourneySock.html

What? Knots!

I hate finding knots in yarn and in the last three projects there are knots in each one. A retailer told me that manufacturers are allowed 2 knots per ball. So with those odds I guess only 3 knots out of a possible 16 is an acceptable number, but I still don’t like it.
I love the end results of the little baby jacket and used an old button from my collection. Next time I use straights and stockinette stitch, I’ll use two different sized needles, I do have tension problems but it has been consistent through the project.

The sock another knot but this one is a little more frustrating to me, somehow the yarn changed orientation. So while it may look completely matching down to the heel the soles are going to be reversed!
Aren’t the colours pretty? It also feels luxurious. See on the right hand corner of the chair, how the shawl has lifted in the wind, that lovely rounded edge is the centre of the neck.
The shawl has been flipped the opposite direction and now the point of lack there of is evident. The little green patch beneath the centre holes was my starting point. I can’t imagine putting a tassel there to hold the triangular shape. Sitting on it would be uncomfortable and no doubt a tassel in that position, not the most attractive look for me. So there is the dilimma, before I sew in all the ends, block that tricky silk, do I unrip first? The stole I made from this yarn caused a number of heartaches as well.
Although, I ordered this book from Holland two days after I placed a Knit Pick order this came on Thursday. I took a class in doll making and costume called the Dutch Touch in 2004, so when the book was offered for sale by Ankie I went for it. Very European in content with inspiration for doll making. I had 2 bulletin boards in my sewing room and also various other boxes of inspiration, I am looking forward to organizing them on cardstock and putting together a book of my own.

My sewing desk is being painted a dark brown melamine–I feel like I’m painting with melted dairy milk chocolate bars. ——–Yummy but best not to do on an empty stomach, it is just so tempting to go on a chocolate binge.


No pictures yet but tomorrow I’ll post several.
I finished the baby jacket, my shawl and have made progress on the second sock.
I am in a bit of a funk, I am worried about the shawl. I know a good blocking fixes everything, but I am not sure if that will do the trick. It just doesn’t want to be a triangle and the hypotenuse is not straight. It wants to curl over itself in the middle, so do I unrip now or after an attempted blocking of the thing. I wonder if the silk will be too tight after a wash, it is not going to reshape like cotton or wool. I do like the colour combo and the yarns I used.

On request

These two spreads are from a book, I am altering with a theme of fashion and style. This is where I practise something new and don’t know if I’ll ever be finished.
There is a niche in the back for a few momentos but I have ripped it apart to reglue, the cover is still a problem as well. I have been wanting to play with paper and currently I have been doing a little scrapbooking, I have only put in the background pages and haven’t decided on the photos yet but I won’t need them until Christmas. It has been fun collecting backgrounds for children.

sewing room

This section of the room is now done, I went off to Ikea yesterday and bought the magazine holders and the white boxes in the tv stand, for patterns.
Now it is just the worst section of the room to complete. I need to get started on painting my sewing desk. There are still several boxes, laundry baskets full of stuff, fabric mostly, the question is where can I store these. I really need a sewing binge. I’d also like to see my dining room table.
Only a few more rows left on the shawl, they are just taking longer and longer.

SWAP is up

Sew Random: To SWAP or Not to SWAP…. Here is a clever take on Shakespeare but in a sewing context.

The 2007 SWAP entries have been posted, lots of different styles of clothing. 31 people finished their 11 piece wardrobes, it is hard to vote for a favorite. I did manage to read all the posts today and I guess the ones that I think about the most for the next few days will get my votes.

http://www.timmelfabrics.com/index.htm follow the links in the newsletter to view the swap contest.

I am seriously considering next year to join in. It has changed my whole way of thinking about planning my wardrobe, sewing and purchasing of fabric.

Shawl time.

The rows are getting longer, but still a lot of plain knitting to do on this shawl. I find this silk eyelash tricky, easy to miss a stitch, and it has static cling. There seems to be a few weird holes that have appeared in the silk eyelash rows, but I can’t find the dropped stitch or if I’ve added an extra here and there. I think I’ll have to do a few subtle repairs to keep it all together.
Sewing Room, nothing new to report on, tv stand not yet finished being painted, hopefully some headway is made this weekend.
Tonight my sister and I are off to Stars on Ice, I love the costumes and will report back tomorrow. At least it is sunny today, so the skytrain should be OK, I am so sick of rain.

Just a glimpse

One corner of the sewing room is nearly done, I still need to label drawers. I am still purging sewing things and did give my doll group several things the other night. The other bookcase is in a similar state but will photograph that side when my tv stand is all set up. Unfortunately the house still is full of the sewing room contents everywhere, so still lots of decisions to make yet.
I did a powerpoint presentation of the doll club’s work yesterday to 70 members of the needlework guild, it was good to see my friends again. I also had 2 tables full of dolls and materials used to make dolls.


It is another sunny day, so I hope spring has finally come to stay. This picture was taken a week ago, hubby out with some students. I am glad someone took pictures of our boat, and has let me post them here.

Lost and found:

I still haven’t found one piece of fabric, of course it is the favorite one I bought in Greece. I have unpacked all 23 boxes, and am trying to sort and put things where they belong. I found nearly 900 gms of fleece, at the bottom of a laundry hamper, filled with bolts of fabric. I won’t say how old it is. It does need a wash, and then carded. I am really tempted to get a new spindle. I have seen some I love to touch. I love the feel of wood and am thinking of going out to the fibre show at the Tradex in May.

A link to another fibre festival was posted on another group I belong to, certainly can’t get to them all. http://www.fibrefestival.com/ Take a look at the trunk show that is going to be there, I wouldn’t mind seeing that .

Happy Easter

Years ago, when I did a lot of needlework, I made a series of eggs. I think a total of 6 stitched eggs. I also collected stone eggs, some pottery some resin, a few candle shaped ones. I think one year I had 23 on display, this year only 3 eggs are on the mantle.
Happy Easter everyone.

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