Garden in bloom

The garden does have it’s bright spots. Love this iris, don’t know why I don’t remember it from last year but it is a wonderful addition to the garden.
The peonies are a real blast of colour, I have three bushes and this is a shot of two of them, I like how different the flowers can be on a single bush.
Although the smoke bush has been prunned this year, it is getting massive and put on quite the display.
I need to plan a few herbs this morning, I was really ticked off with a crow that was attempting to eat the basil. I might have to put some sort of cage over it until it really gets rooted.

wool and fabric

I finally have something to talk about, the fire scarf and matching garter stitch wristwarmers are done, it was the kitchner stitch along the length of the gloves that kept me from posting earlier. The yarn was from the Skein of the Month club from Webs back in January. The dark green fetching wristwarmers was the yarn I received from Webs in March.
Now the fabric. I sucumbed to the call of the blouse weight assortment for $20.00, on my last order from Fabric Mart. The bold print in the middle is the only one I really have trouble with figuring out a plan. The black and white plains would be good for lining, pale green stripe a shirt for me, the pink plaid is in the process of becoming a blouse for my 92 year old mom, she may get the navy,pink stripe as well but she is not as sold on it as she was with the plaid. The plaid flannel, I am still pondering. The package arrived within a week of them putting it in the mail.

Organization–the bug bear!

Everyone once in awhile, when feeling disorganized, unable to settle on a project. I do a journal entry, just a pile of scribble with no editing. When I find my papers later, they always start with something to do with organization, just a list of chores, what to do first, where to put things. Today was no different.

My sewing and craft rooms are in a horrendous muddle and of course there is ironing to do as well. In order to not iron, I have come up with the following, some supplies are in the wrong room! Yikes!! My knitting yarns need to be moved to the rec room, since this is where I like to knit and my books on sewing and pattern books also have to move. I like to browse them in the rec room as well. To free up space, the doll stuff must be relocated and papers and paints should be moved to where it will be used as well.

I have a really great cutting out table which is the right height for me, my hubby custom made it a few years ago, it is on wheels and I move it all around my sewing room depending on what I am doing. It folds up as well and has storage underneath for fabrics. I also like to cut out my papers for book binding and I paint and dye fabric and paper at that table as well.

I have also decided to put away my doll making supplies. Sewing will be taking priority for the next while, so doll stuff can be put away in a couple of boxes in the bottom of the closet.

A pink hat

This is Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora, it is lovely and soft to knit.
A baby hat for a one year old.

Eden in Blush and Seduce in Cinnibar from Webs are my latest purchases, probably sleeveless tops will eventually be knit.
The sock yarns below are Vancouver, I managed to knit a pair of socks while I was away on vacation. I knitted opn planes and trains, the first sock had a sloppy cuff and was tight through the instep, so a few changes were made on the second sock. I have yet to start the one sock over but I will now that I have some free time in the evening and don’t have to work on the dolls. I am hoping to graft the new top half of the sock to the first one I made. I must admit I am not that crazy about grafting that number of stitches.
The new dark ball of Regia is the Skein of the Month from Webs for May, once again serendipity strikes. 5 months of yarn has arrived, each ball has fitted in with my Project spectrum. Now the element is air and the colours are grey, white and yellow. There are a mulititude of grey tones in this ball, I think it will be socks for my husband.

Dolls for the exhibit.

It has been quite the week of doll making, but I have accomplished my goals. My doll was nearly all hand sewn and as a result my right index finger is sore and tender. My hands feel pretty beat up today, I’ve had the spray paint out to paint the stand and rubber or contact cement stuff (really horribly stinky glue) is stuck to all of my fingers. So my hands have been going thru soap, paint remover and hand lotion and I hope my nails look better tomorrow.

I am quite pleased with my Venetian Peacock. I have been thinking of her for quite a few months but had trouble with the armature and then of course, I couldn’t turn the fingers worth a darn. The fabrics, I have collected over the last few years. I had fun using the fringe on the fabric.

My Fish Goddess series, is the most abstract I have done. It represents my feelings about the fishing industry and the problems of overfishing.
The artifact, was a yellow chamois and it was stanined with walnut ink and laced together with leather cord. The symbols on her are all ancient symbols for fish, water, rain and regeneration. The primitive doll with the net, and shell beads uses a watery cotton fabric. The doll with the polymer face is made with silk fusion and decorated with machine stitchery to look like waves and has beads to represent the rain.

Tuesday night is the opening reception.

You’re Invited

The Coast Character Doll Artists are having an exhibit at the Seymour Art Gallery in North Vancouver. Click on the photos for details of times and dates. I still have a bit of work to do on my last doll. She is based on the colours of a peacock and my other 3 dolls are abstract about the fishing industry. I will have my photos of the doll group showing on a video screen and I still have the book cover for the artist statements and cv’s to finish.

On the 11th, I can then think about my other commitments, june capsule contest, coat sewalong and a course on line on creative mixed media journalling techniques.

Rain makes flowers grow.

Rain might make flowers grow, but now it is starting to destroy the petals. This is the fourth day of rain, annd weather that makes you think of April. Really the sunshine might get me in the mood to start sewing a summer wardrobe but in the meantime, I’ll be wearing my jeans and a sweater and I’ll turn up the thermostat.
The poppy situation is getting out of control, I think I had 60 blooms at last count. The iris is called Bayberry Candle. Click on the photos for closeups.