GPP Crusade #43

One again, I have decided to do the crusade by Michelle Ward. Text messaging didn’t sound hard, but I struggled with this one. We were to cut out text from magazines and arrange in a composition.  I had a couple of magazines  and decided to use a fashion magazine. I had been looking at the faces trying to see the shadows and tring to figure out how to draw for my other course which I take online.  I pulled quite a few pieces of text from the magazine which appealed to me. I knew it was a shallow magazine but until  you see it spread out in front of you, you don’t realize how bad it is.  Is this the image I want to put out there? So I thought about the other magazines I had with me, one from the liquor store, which is full of great food receipes and wonderful colour pictures and a Good Housekeeping which was all domesticated.  None of these things truly speak of me either, I need a whole raft of magazines to say who I am! I am not cutting up my craft, sewing or knitting mags.

Maybe, I am taking this too seriously, I should just glue it down and get on with it. Maybe I should do more than one, each from a different magazine and see how varied I should make the project.  I wallowed for days.

I thought about the words , fashion bible, style bible, food bible and how loosely the word bible is used these days compared to the past, when bible  referred to one book only.

So both bibles (it was an old Bible wwith the cover falling offf) were used, it became more of a statement, than I usually make.  I used matte medium to glue it all down and thus it is wrinkly.


Photos from the last boat trip

We will be taking off for a boat meet up next weekend again but I thought that I’d post some pictures from the last trip.

August 2010

We did just over 200 miles. You can click on the link to see the GPS tracking of our route.

There was a lot of smoke from the fires in the Cariboo, so long distance shots of the mountains were out.  I did get some close ups of moss and rock on Texada, it was our first time there.

A visit to the museum in Courtney yielded this from the early 1920’s.

not quite a word

I have been busy commenting on various sites from the GPP crusades. Last month there was over 70 people taking part in the challenge.
Some times blogger just says I have some kind of error and I could go and search out the code to fix it on various forums, I just can’t be bothered. I don’t aways comment anyways but I like to read all the blogs even though I don’t comment. But when I have a comment to make and can’t. I hate to be rejected by a computer.

Word verification also drives me nuts somedays, I hate the ones with letters and numbers on wavy backgrounds and odd fonts.
It doesn’t seem to matter what language or country the blog originates, the words always look the same. Too much scrabble and wordsearch puzzles have me looking for the hidden word.
Some of the lastest—-prechie, shibri, articon, scewane, plationi, tobardsk, subilo, distirr, hitoz, mishi, and atoom. I can’t believe I just made sure that the spelling on these words was correct!


I have been on the boat for the last 10 days and the weather has been hot and sunny. I had just finished the Windansea hat from Berocco and it sure came in handy. Not sure I used strong enough wire around the edge, it was what I had on hand and the elastic in the headband  part I am not sure of either. I did dip it in tea to take some of the white out. I used Berocco Origami instead of Berocco Seduce. I had 2 meters left over, I used 2 skeins.  Good points– It was not hot to wear, the brim is bendable.  It can easily take off in the wind, so I had to be careful. But it is fun to wear, it can go in a suitcase.