Back to Basics

I wrote this back in January, so a few thoughts on sewing process.

I have not been making great makes. Something had to change. I decided that I had to do some simple sewing taking more care with cutting out and not rushing the sewing.

I started with a cardigan , it was a lovely fabric from Fabricana a few years ago, I cut the wrong size, put on some Petersham to stabilize the edge,. Not good, then tried to take it in, is now in a heap. Not sure where but It definitely needs a time out. (still in the heap)

So the plainest of patterns and some leftover from I don’t know when, and a new T shirt was ready for exercise class. It probably had the best neck  edge I have even sewn. I still need to fix the hems a bit. But wearable. Not photo  quality. I think it was a Kwik Sew basic T shirt pattern.

I started a velvet knit from Fabricland, paisley, teal, what could be better for me. So same pattern just lengthened,  I tried it on neckline and arms seemed Ok, but my oh too tight for me to sit down i, I decided that I could cut a couple  of long triangles and insert them on each side startling above the waist, it is just such a busy print, and it is not too noticeable where I didn’t match. (I wore it back in February and I felt very comfortable in it.)

I made another pair of flat bottom Flo from Style Arc, probably the best yet and I took a dart down the center back  which seem to work pretty well. not the best of material rather a light weight ponte, I think it came in a bundle from Fabricmart. They kept their shape fairly well.(these were in constant use,so pilling already, most of my ponte knit pants need to be replaced.IMG_0181

I finally got a good fit on a bra, made a PUG Shelly  with lace. I added a bit too much extra in the back, so it is not too tight but I think I should take out a 1/4 inch in the back in the next one and still need to improve my lace and tulle techniques.The photo is some of the bras I have made in the last year. The latest is the center one made with light copper duoplex with lace added to the outer edge of the cup, fabric from Bra Makers Supply with a Carmen wire from Emeralderin.


So  some success so far this year.