Bermuda scarf

I picked up my pattern last October in Halifax. I started it a few weeks ago with some wonderful, Regia sock yarn from Woolaroo in Abbotsford.  The link is to Ravelry.

I was shocked to find my cousin, doing the same shawl and nearly at the same spot. I have had the wrong count a couple of times but it s going ok right now, so I cross my fingers that I am still on track. Lots of short rows   and it does look like the waves on a beach. With my colours, I am not sure what it reminds me of, but I love how it looks so far.

The yarn is Hand-dye effect in the gold, rust and brown combination.

Feeling special

I was celebrating the February birthdays rather late this year. There are 3, that we normally get together and celebrate and due to various reasons, the celebration was put on hold.

I have  to show my gifts. Both of which were surprises and made me feel special.  First up was the macaroons from Thomas Haas, sheer heaven. I had fallen in love with these in Paris. Just bliss. I am saving the stawberry for last. There were 12.

I received a hellebore, named Rosemary! I am quite taken with it, I love the name. I am thinking that I will put it  in the shady patio, as the shadiest spots in the front patio are taken. On the back patio, I will be able to enjoy it while I have morning tea.

Oh, life is good.

bucket lists

I have always written lists and find that most of them start with I must get organized. I rarely write grocery lists but I think I have covered every other type of list. I think it is the crossing off of items I like the most. I have found old lists of sewing items made in a year, christmas lists for presents and cards.  But now all the talk is bucket lists.

When sailing a few years ago with friends, one quiet night we made the bucket list. Nine months had passed when the couple stayed with us again, and none of us had even looked at the list.  My husband thought it was time to get going, and immediately started planning a trip to Greece. A few months, later we were there.  The list gets pulled out now and then and it is amazing how many things have been accomplished and enjoyed. I think once it is written down, if the possiblitly comes up, you go for it.

Now no big trips are planned for the next year and we always seem to go through the list on each sailing vacation, so who knows what will be added this year.

Each hobby has an accompaning list.

I just bought a new book, The Knitters Life List,  my what a glorious lot of suggestions and ideas to contemplate. The one thing on my knitter’s list was making gloves this year.  There is a whole world of possiblity out there. 300 pages of types of yarn, designers, yarn dyers, sheep festivals, ideas for patterns.   Where ito find patterns and what ever else that you need.

This Saturday, I’ll be taking a silver smithing course,  with a friend.  It has been a decade since I did any of this, just been collecting supplies and tools in the meantime.

The weather has had a little bit of everything except warmth this week. So snow a couple of times, some hail, lots of blustery wind, plenty of rain, some incredible sunshine.

But my Lenten roses continue to bloom, including the dark one, name unknown, which is blooming for the first time this year. I have been waiting through 3 winters to see it.  The primulas have been at the garden stores since before the New year but the ranunculus are new this week.

This one is really a dark purple.

I popped into the library for a look yesterday and found another new gluten free book.

The Itolerant Gournet:: Glorious Food without Gluen and Lactose by Barbara Kafka. I ordered it from Amazon this afternoon.

Gluten free and loving it.

It is nearly the end of February and  knitting slowly progresses. Sewing is more or less at a standstill. I have been mainly thinking bout my food.

Both my hubby and I are currently on gluten free diets. I am feeling better, so I will continue for quite awhile yet and I have been able to reduce some of my medication for my IBS.  So my life is adjusting to a new style of baking and buying of gluten free fours. I have one cookbook and am thinking of getting one more. The internet is a good source of receipes as well.  The hardest part is finding which store has which product and I ventured to a Choices on the weekend to pick up sorghum flour. The rest I was able to find on the north shore.  I have added a couple of other things to the mix, namely, dairy and egg free as well.

So I make up the pre mixes for  baking or bread or cake, and then go from there on the day  I cook. I seem to develop a fine film of dust everywhere as I measure and sift. The egg replacer is another dusty little mix.  Things have all turned out OK, but need a little refining as I come up with a better sized pan, a different rack in the oven etc. Some batters are runny and others so dry, it feels like a guessing game. I made orange pecan cookies last night. They are quite good.