Under the last post, I inadvertently wrote in as annonymous. Still learning.

Today, I got my sample package from Webs. It was the biggest bunch of yarn samples and I can find tons of what I would like to own. http://yarn.com/  Most of the yarns are on the September cover article.

I am progressing with the little knit vest for a birthday present needed in a couple of weeks. I also remembered that I had started the sleeves to a jacket and got working on that as well.

There is really not a lot to do to finish amy of the projects. I am working on a new set of Asian ATC’s, I am trying to do something different from the last one I did. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lowermainlandalteredartistsmeetup/

 I just figured out the link stuff ,  hopefully, I will get some pictures up as well.

giving thanks

Yesterday it was such a wet dreary day, it was wonderful to come home to a warm house.
I have so much to be thankful for, family, friends, my garden and home, my stash of stuff so I can create, and lots of ideas for new projects and plans.

Once again, I have too many projects on the go and organizing where to begin is sometimes all I do. Today’s goal is to make a dent in the sewing room piles of fabric. I intend to finish making the bedspread. Then I’ll attack the pillows. I found a bolster form last night that I had forgotten about.

I did make a case for my circular needles, it matches the cases for my other knitting needles, the test now is to see if it is practical as well as beautiful.

Weather, overcast but fairly bright.

I have finally managed the sign in process. This is really just a test. I intend to write about my knitting, altered art projects, sewing woes and successes(rare) and my garden.