Box bags, my way

IMG_2394Most of the tutorials use a 10x 7 inch wide piece of fabric and to cut the ends off the zipper. I wanted to use as much of a fat quarter as possible so my pieces were cut to about 14 x9inches. The first one, I forget the correct order and then didn’t box the corners, it was strange so I got out the seam ripper. Story of my life, really if one is following a tutorial, don’t just watch it and go away and do your own thing. ( will I ever learn that lesson?) I still had a few flaws in the next bag, but all the seams are enclosed.

Anyrate I have 2 big bags, 11″L x7 1/2″W x3″D. they hold so much, the knitting pattern, the notions and the yarn! I will get to the third bag and it will be a patchwork of my other fabrics. I think it could double as a shoe bag.

Style Arc Issy and Flo

IMG_2390 IMG_2391 IMG_2389

I have been playing with these patterns for awhile.  Style Arc is a pattern from Australia.  Issy is the top and Flo the pants.

The first Issy was made last spring, , not blogged about, I thought the fit was a little big. So this time I took  in the shoulders and shortened the sleeve depth and also took 2 inches off one side which was gathered up. I should have taken out the excess gathers and not  just the length. I will try that on the 3rd top and maybe add extra width to  the bust. I sure have a crumb catcher with that cowl. I love this fabric it is closer in colour to the darker picture and I picked it up in Quebec City last fall.  I need to change the hip width as well and maybe an inch shorter as well. I love the asymmetrical neckline.

Flo or Flat bottom Flo is the name of the pant pattern for those of us, with the smaller booty.  I have made them too long in the crotch so still a little baggy unless I pull them up. I have done a few adjustments to the pattern, I like narrower elastic in the waistband so I used one inch instead of two. I also took them in quite a bit, I have made 3 pairs each a little different just tweeking the pattern and getting used to different types of fabrics. I have used two different types of ponte knit ,one a heavyweight  which was expensive ( from Fabricland)– and pilled horribly( by the third wash). This is the lighter brown, worn far too much so far but no pilling yet. Much better price from Fabricmart on line.

Pair number 4 is on the cutting table, more brown and the dark olive ponte knit from on-line is a lighter version still.