Bookshelf additions

Oh, the lure of a new book has got  to me again. One I had checked out at the library first, Stitch ‘n Bitch Superstar Knitting. Lots of good information, I am thinking of trying a few new to me techniques. I like quite a few of the patterns as well.

Next up, another knitting book. Sock Yarn One-Skien Wonders, sock yarn is escaping out of the two drawers in which it resides.  So any help in this department is a good thing. There are even socks in the book, I’d like to try, along with some scarves, and other goodies.

I was in Pacific Fabrics in Bremerton, Wa, and found Making Vintage Accessories by emma brennan, purses and hats from the twenties to the sixties, all with appropriate female names of the decade.  The purses intrigue me.

Forensic Self Portrait.

This month over at Green Pepper Press, the crusade street team with challenged with doing a forensic self portrait. There was even a sheet of printouts that we could use on our page. I like my privacy, and wasn’t about to put out any particulars. I also found the whole thing depressing, too many sick people around me.

I went and looked at what others were doing, and suddenly I was uplifted, with the bright and imaginative approaches to the subject.

Mine all began with my mannequin, Milady, from yesterday’s post.  So she was my backgound, glued to another old envelope. From that beginning, I had lots of fun, journalling about my hobbies.  I couldn’t fit them all on one page but I’ll save some for another day.

So thanks again, to Michelle, for putting this crusade out there. I loved doing it.


You could say she followed me home. (I did like being called Milady in Jamacia) But really it took quite the effort to carry her through the mall, and then hubby took over and got her out to the car. I found this mannequin, at Cotton Ginny (which will no longer be at Park Royal), for $30. She is a plus sized gal, so I won’t need as much padding to bring her up to my size. If only I had her waist!  Hips and shoulders are a little big.

She’s  been padded out, covered with a knit, which was stitched to fit her and then a little white duct tape was added.  It certainly helps when I am trying out a new pattern.


Yesterday, we had the priveldge of attending the 99th Annual Commonweath Awards for Honor and Rescue. Ordinary men ,women and children, who became heroes when the helped to rescue another person. It was a very emotional even,t and some of the rescued people were also there.  There were also awards to organizations who promote saftey on the water, and other volunteers who man boats and professionals who also work on the water. I am glad that there is an organization that honors these people.

With the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the volunteers helping the professionals are greatly needed and appreciated. I heard people in the supermarket asking strangers if their families were safe in Japan.

Local garden

I was down at a local garden last week, it is near a grocery store and when you don’t really want to shop for food and need to, I often go in for a look  to put me in a better frame of mind.

It always works it’s magic in just a few moments.  Some pictures of early spring.

The hellebores in my own garden are no where near blooming, maybe in April. I am quite intrigued with them.

Been There, Done That#48

It’s crusade time again, and although I had saved a few things from my vacation with the idea of evidence, I didn’t get it together until the other day. I had a virus head thing that just sapped the energy out of me. Been there, Done that is the latest evidence journalling challenge from Michelle Ward. I didn’t use any photos from the trip, I haven’t printed any of them yet.

This is the first time that I have run tissue paper through my Xyron create a sticker and after seeing all the tissue tape, I thought I’d try my own. I was quite pleased with the results and will definitely be using my own tissue papers again to make things more personalized.

I have kept journals on most vacations and usually record destinations, time travelled, cost, gas, food etc and lately I carry a glue stick as well and immediately glue in memribillia. I quite often draw, mostly ideas for clothing, or thoughts on making a doll, or some times a knitting graph makes an appearance.

So I have a few more ideas for evidence roaming around in my head, knitting projects for a year, types of scotch or wine, made a clothing,(fabric and pattern). I wonder if I’ll manage to come up with any of those.

Thanks, Michelle for inspiring me.

Spring flowers

Some times you need a little colour or sometimes for me a whole lot of colour. It has snowed lately, and was so cold a few nights ago, I brought pot of bulbs indoors to the chilly basement.
My Christmas amarylis has finally bloomed, I bought a special orange one and the bulb wasn’t overly large. It languished until it had some TLC from my friend who housesat when we were away. It had grown an inch in my absence, It had sat in the house for 2 months with no growth at all. Finally a bloom, rather more coral looking than the photo.

The pot of daffs, hyacinth, crocus, primula are doing well, but the cyclemen is looking a little shrivelled around the edges. It was cold enough here for the grocers and florists to bring in all the conainters of their wares that are normally out on the sidewalks and in the parking lots.