Mind Games

This month’s crusade, #54, from Michelle Ward, for the GPP Street team is Mind Games.  We were to come up with a word or phrase  and then mix a colour that  matched. I didn’t do the last 2 crusades so it was time to get started again.

We were off on the boat with my very limited colour palette, what fun to contemplate. I was reading a mystery,  The Anodyne Necklace by Martha Grimes- she describes a twin set  (pullover and cardigan) the colour of drabbit.  Not a flattering description by any means but fascinating to think what it might be like and certainly – some people might think rather attractive on the right person. I think several faded, dull mixtures might be just right.

I was working on a course by Suzi Blu and had forgotten some pencil crayons for hair, so set about with my acrylics to come up with something for my little dolls. I also saw a boat named Syrene and so I gave that a try as well. I saw a few more boat names that might be good to try Avalon Sunset, Pondalay, Georgia Dawn and Sea Shadow.

Here are my attempts:























Thanks,  Michelle, for posting this challenge.

fabric swatch exchange

A few months ago, I decided to be brave and send my 9×9 inch squares of fabric, that I had dyed, discharged with bleach, over dyed, and the rubber stamped with my own design to Cloth, Paper Scissors.

I got my exchanged pieces back in the mail. One from Austrailia and one from New York. The others didn’t have from where they were sent. I haven’t been able to get in touch by all of them by email either. 200 artists took part and I love the pieces that I have receivved.

One of the 9(?) pieces that I sent into the challenge.

I had a tough job getting accurate colour, in fact the paper in the background is white!

Here are the pieces I received in the exchange.