The camisole


I started a project for Project yarnway on Ravelry  in June, it is going to be 2 months late but will get finished. This  one was Escape to Nowhere,  a vacation  escape, so my camisole was to fill a spot in my wardrobe for a warm climate with a cool evening top and as an undergarment when visiting a cold place.  This silk and merino number should fill the bill.

For the last six weeks, I have been trying to convince myself that I have enough yarn. Subconsciously I knew, I didn’t  and that is why I knitted with stockinette stitch. Just in case, I had to add another ball of yarn in at the bottom to make it longer. So on Sat, I phoned the store an tried to describe the hand dyed yarn that I had bought, there was no name or dye lot, so now I anxiously await for it to arrive. even when I bought the yarn, I had my doubts and said are you sure I have enough yarn? She said that is plenty. But I am not a medum size and I don’t want it very cropped either, nor did I do narrow i straps. So, more yarn is needed. I continue.

It arrived last week, and it matched quite well, not perfect in the dark areas, it is a little brighter, but I like it and I continue to knit. I have nearly done the crochet  edge on the hem, still not finished the straps.

I have been knitting a summer hat which I am now going to rip out, too small I think. Oh, such is life.

I made some tops

I have made 2 knit tops. One in rayon which was a remnant at Fabricland.  The other from a polyester that I bought in Greece.  The same pattern but on the second one I raised the neckline by 3/4 of an inch.  I added quite a bit with the full bust adjustment. At least, that particular adjustment is getting easier but this time I didn’t shorten the pattern above the bust.  The arm hole is cut quite high  and that didn’t need changing.

This is probably a bit young for a 60ish woman but I decided it is comfortable and easy to wear.

It is a New Look pattern 6731, view F, short sleeves, scoop yoke, front gathers.  Tops are a lot longer this year.

This second top is fabric from Greece.

Crusade #42

Strip Ease, is the name of the new challenge from GPP with Michelle Ward for crusade number 42.

It is all about working with ripped and torn strips of paper, I thought of all the junk mail and how I normally tear it in half. So for the one week, when I was saving my junk mail, I hardly got any  and it was only for pizza, burgers and cable. So not a lot of choice as I only wanted to use solid colours  and no text.

I pull out some ATC blanks, I had prepared previously and started playing with my bits of paper.  Just used a little tape to hold the papers down.  I am quite happy with the results. This was such a fun exercise, just might do a few more. Thanks,  Michelle.  There are a lot of players in this crusade, go and have a look at how eveyone has interpreted the challenge.


I can’t seem to upload a picture for love or money. I have pictures to post, my new knitted camisole, not quite done but on the home stretch, atc’s for crusade number 42, flowers and garden shots, new goddess photos.

I can’ t even get them to upload on flicker!

I phoned a computer repair place today and he suggested I do a search for upgrades and repairs, regarding the error messages I get.  So I walked my husband through my computer problem, and he said that IO error was input/output ( I didn’t even know that.  So he will see what he can find, there are a lot of forums and suggestions out there, so if he can’t come up with the answer, the computer is going into the shop.

I some times have a problem when I try to comment and it comes up with invalid id.

I’ll just sit back and drink tea, work on something creative.

Project yarnway June

It sure would be great if I could design and complete something for Project yarnway. I have managed one completed article.

Escape to nowhere,  something for the imaginary vacation. I started with my list of words and associations for a vacation. Some things I didn’t need and I like to think I am practical about knitting (I am Not) but I don’t want to make something that I could sew, it needs to be multi purpose, go with quite a few things and not take a lot of room in a suitcase.

Since I am going to Jamaica for a wedding next January and a week later I will be visiting Toronto.  I finally decided on a camisole, comfortable in the evening out for dinner on the island and an extra layer of warmth if needed in Toronto.

As luck would have it I was in Courtney at the time, just happened to find a wonderful yarn store,  Uptown Yarns and then of course, found a yarn so soft, silk and merino and and incredible colour. Did I mention lace weight and 750 yards( I think) I have misplaced the label. It is by Sweatermaker. It was a bit of a b—– to wind into a ball, and no I didn’t use my swift or ball winder but I was dying to get started.

I did the math, decided on a circular needle and have knit pretty steadily, mostly on the boat and I have picked up speed but am now at the half way point.  If I keep working on it, it just might be ready for that vacation.

My computer is not liking my photos tonight, will try to add later.

Home again

A week of sailing went very quickly and we had decent weather. The true sailors were happy to have wind, I was just content.  I worked on project yarnway for this month, made lots of progress but it is slow going due to the gauge and the fine yarn but I love the colour. I read a couple of books, worked in my journal for my class, slept quite a bit and cooked a few meals.

I can’t believe it is nearly the first of July, sure hope it gets warm soon.