good intentions

I love reading about all the new challenges that  are being posted for the new year. I am oh so tempted.

A nephew came by the other day and helped me with Instagram. I guess I can post from the camera roll on my laptop,   I managed to get my first photo up. Talk about baby steps, at least it is progress.

I packed up the Christmas decorations.

I spend too much time on Netflix and reading posts about plans. In reality, I just like to dream.

So I have joined the 2018 Ready to wear Fast on Goodbye Valentino, Sara is hosting 1029 people in this challenge and it will give me incentive to post to Instagram.   I  am seriously considering the challenge from Bra Makers Supply as well. A new Challenge per month and the one for January is the colour of the year Ultra Violet.

Introducing ultra violet to my unmentionable drawer is a real  leap. but then I dream of that dye pot. Just maybe, I  can do it.

Yearly update

It has been awhile and I did enjoy the freedom of not blogging,

it seems to take forever to do any thing, in sewing things I get nearly done but not finished, they languish in a pile of ufos. Am I scared to finish? Scared it won’t fit or look stupid? I used to leave buttons and button holes until, I had at least two  blouses to finish. Now a simple job like a hem, also joins the pile.

I have been more regular with my cardio rehab.  Working to get a better range of motion, particularly in my shoulder and trying to improve my balance. Trying in general to look after my health and stress levels. I order my groceries online at least twice a month and get them delivered. I still local shop for fresh veg, fruit and meat.

i spend too much time on Pinterest looking for magical foods that fit our restrictions. I don’t really like baking but I have added some variety to our day by day meals. So I look for egg, beef, gluten and dairy free. I have found some great recipes  and some I consider duds, of course, I sometimes have to substitute something or I read it wrong.

I have started following people on Instagram but haven’t posted yet. I don’t have an iPhone and so still trying to find the easiest way to post with a pic.