a change of pace


I was fed up with sewing. So I needed to do something else on October 1 and I wanted to make a felt bowl container but thought that I should practise before October 2 when I was going to knit city in Vancouver.

I am not sure sure that I have enough fleece for a larger container and in case I need to buy more stuff. I watched a couple of you tube tutorials and went ahead with trying my first bowl. I found a selection of fleece that I had from a decade ago and dove in.

My hands have appreciated all the lanolin and olive oil soap, my wrists, shoulders and back need some  TLC.(heating pad and rest) I had forgot how much repetition is needed at each step in the process.I was also stronger and a lot younger when I last did felting.

I did buy a sheer  curtain today to work on and I found a piece of fun foam and cut  a circle to use as a resist. I need to buy a better quality of prepared fleece for the next  one, after I recover.

I probably quit too early in the process but  have a container shaped vessel, so some success but I will need to needle felt some of the loose bits, maybe give it a shave and put  some beads on it. The finished container, orange and green over blue.

Only a small amount of fluff came off during the shave and only pokedd myself once with my felting needles.  It would be classified as a soft felt.





Two fibre experiments

The Lutrador and Lace experiment is nearly done and I think it will become a journal cover. I was going for a verdigris look. It feels quite rough still and not the kind of finish that I like on the cover of a journal. I like it to feel sleek in my hands and this one needs something else. I still might add some Rub and Buff metallic and parts may be cut off for artist trading cards. I love the part with the doily and the parts that have been pulled out of the scrim.

This little heart is an experiment with Angelina hot fix fibres and textiva which is also fusible. I was thinking of wings for a doll, when I added all the other bits on top it is leaning more to Victoria Secret models with their wings. For the knitters and spinners out there, there are 2 types of angelina fibres and some are not heat set. The Textiva the film, is sugar plum, opal sparkle on top of green peacock flash. Pink tingle and blue angelina fibres.

You can click on the photos to see more detail.

Irons in the fire.

Just a short post to say, I have received my invitation to Ravelry.https://www.ravelry.com/ I am now one of 11,000plus members. I am looking forward to organizing my projects.

I have been busy at trying to finish several projects.

Knitting: Best friends jacket, I am getting close to 80 % finished.

Two pairs of socks untouched since Aug 1, when I was on the plane.

Sewing: Finished the capris in linen today and the seersucker top just needs buttons and buttonholes. I will be stacking 2 different buttons together to get the look I want.

Fibre experiments: I am trying to do a piece for the Lutrador and Lace challenge and will post a picture tomorrow. I have the third layer of paint drying.

Fabrics: The samples I ordered from Timmels has arrived.

Unknown Journey

So the question is, where am I going with my experiments with Lutrador? It is a spun polyester that can be dyed, melted, stitched and printed on an ink jet. So this is just the beginning. For these samples I have machine stitched, dropped seta silk dye drops, sprayed with water, heated with a heat gun and applied puff paint. I did heat the puff paint with my heat gun, then got impatient, poked at it and tried ironing it. Flattened the puff paint out, then I added distress ink stamp pads. No photo of that yet. I think I need a hotter heat gun. I have very light lacey effect in the 70 gm piece. I have no plans for these pieces other than their own little journal.

The learning curve.

It has been many years since I started school but September always gives me a little buzz. I like the new start and I am ready to learn new things.

This morning there was just over 300 people ahead of me on the invite list to Ravelry. I haven’t photographed my stash but I think there are quite a few pictures I have taken since I got a digital camera and I should find plenty to upload.

I need to sit here a bit longer and get 200 pictures saved to disc and taken in and get printed, the cost is only 15 cents a picture now and it sure would save a lot of time to just get them done then to sit at the computer and do it. It would save a lot of ink as well.

I bought my first ‘zine. I have a year subscription to Fibre and Stitch, http://fibreandstitch.com/index.htm and there is also a yahoo group for subscribers. This is going to be so much fun and I was very impressed with the first magazine. I started experimenting with lutrador(polyester web), silk dyes, machine stitchery and puff paint. I was a bit impatient with the puff paint, flattened it a bit so then needed some ink on it. Needs more work yet. I am thinking of putting my experiments into a book for reference.