I can find yarn anywhere!

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I’ve been to Toronto and back home in the last while. Had a great visit with family, we celebrated our son’s second wedding anniversary and his wife’s graduation with her MA.  I managed to find Lettuce Knit in Toronto and bought the Fleece Artist sock yarn while I was there
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I found this expensive but luscious yarn in London at Needles and Pins. I am thinking of making a stole from Exquisite Little Knits.
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI went to Paris, Ont and found Mary Maxim’s, I have seen many of the catalogues, never ordered anything.The catalogue barely skims the surface of what is in this store, it is the size of a good grocery store, there are gift items, scrapbooking, fabrics and I even saw some Noro and Malabrigio. I think that something must always be on sale and I got the two balls of wool below for half price. I have a couple of funky purses in mind.
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This fabric (2 fat quarters) is cotton with a texture, that will come out when washed but I scored it in Exeter.
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingWhen we got home, we were off to our boat, which is currently in Anacortes, Wash.  Since we were celebrating its purchase, I bought the smallest container of wine possible. I am such a wine innocent, I didn’t even know one could purchase 500ml. I cut the package apart so I could do altered art with the label.

I found a yarn store in Annacortes, I got St. Ives sock yarn, and assorted threads for needlework. http://anacrossstitch.com
She had needles in 000 us.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThis is the view from the loop trail in Washington Park near Anacortes, this is looking out to Rosario Strait. It was just about too late to take a picture.  It was a narrow road, one way and no trailers allowed, it was very quiet and felt quite magical.
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingOne of my out of context shots of a rock, I used to take these arty photos for embroidery, trying to emulate the texture in stitch. Now I am thinking more of colorways for socks. I was surprised to find red rocks on the west coast.

not much knitting or anything else.

I have visited a couple of new to me wool stores. I went to Woolaroo in Abbotsford, it is a bit of a blur, I did buy a fibretrends felted purse pattern and saw some neat stuff in the yarn department, I was also keeping an eye out for the two little boys with me. Any yarn in a basket was fair game to the youngest until he found the books and toys.  They were good in the store but we kept the time short. 
I had 2 day trips down to Washing ton state, In La Conner, I found Jennings Yarn and Needlecraft, they had just moved to a new location and had incredible yummy yarns, alot that I had only seen on line or in books. I am sorry I don’t remember names but there location  is in a small mall right on the edge of the river, it is a great tourist town, wonderful little shops but no web sites.
I went to Barnes and Noble and had a very brief look through several of the new knitting books I had only seen on line. I just flipped through them but did n’t find anything that I really wanted.  I have been pondering my design skills and wondering if I wanted to go that route or not., I am such a slow knitter.
Regarding the green top, I have now finished the back and have completed the first full pattern on the front.