Crusade #50

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY is the title of the latest crusade by Michelle Ward. Once again she has made us a sheet of tags and suggestions that we can use if we want. It didn’t have to deal with doom and gloom, as you might think.


Something might be broken, need fixing or someone might need medical care.

Maybe it is not so serious!  I thought that I’d approach it with a bit of humour. Cooking not an emergency, when it can be solved with reservations.  Maybe it is all the roots that need recolouring, or that one is desperate for a new haircut.  Sometimes it is a re- alignment for me from the physiotherapist. ( I went to two different ones last week!)

Sometimes I just want to talk, go shopping with someone, or just need an answer for the latest question. The internet can answer that latest query.

Once again, I used an old envelope as a base, thought I’d add some colour this time. I loved doing the tags and envelopes last time, so have done that again.

Foliage on Fabric

On the last two vacations, I have taken many pictures of palm trees. I couldn’t resist having fabric in my collection. The blue background is for a bag and the orange for short sleeved shirt for me.

The influences:

The fabric: Memories of Maui

Fashion details

Here is something similar to the book of fashion that I got at Barnes  and Noble in the bargain books. Mine was printed in 2006  by Taschen. 734 pages of wonderous fashion from the 18th to 20th century.  I am loving all the details. It weighs 6 pounds! I have always loved books with rich fabric and details. Early 20th century is my favorite fashions, but I am glad that I don’t have to wear it. Or look after it.

Here are a few photos.

Memories of Maui

We have been away again this time to Maui with friends. Lovely weather and we saw quite a few sights. I did get wet upto midcalf in the surf but really I am a hot tub sort of girl.

Loved the plants, I guess that is only natural as I take a lot of pictures of foliage wherever I am. I bought a couple of pieces of fabric and a new purse  pattern. Also a big book on fashion.  I’ll do a post on those at another time.

One thing I am proud of is that I managed to create in my journal everyday. so I intend to keep that up. I only drew 5 pages but my glue stick and limited supplies of pencils came in handy.

Here are a couple of pages. The little coloured bits of paper were from the stage show.