Six piece Autumn Capsule Wardrobe

This is a little more detail on the six new pieces for my wardrobe. It is not cohesive by itself  but will be a great set of add ons to an existing wardrobe.

I like having a lot of co-ordinates to choose from when I go on a trip and I like it even more if most of the pieces can do double duty. These are the pieces that I cut out before my trip in September  and it was sewn up while staying with friends and in hotel rooms.

The Bathing Suit, Divine Drape, #1344, with fabric from Lucy’s fabrics a few years ago. It was my first internet purchase and I got two yards.  So I have a good piece left over but have no plans to use the rest of it yet. It has been a number of years since I have made a suit and this a first for this pattern, I added an inch in length. I swear I had to rip out every seam before I got it right. I made the bottom a bit smaller for the flat bum and I should have added extra for a full bust. It would be a little better with a bit more coverage on the sides of the bodice. The cowl neck piece takes quite a bit extra yardage. I always travel with a brown line skirt so I wanted a bathing suit that would do double duty as a top.IMG_0036

Jalie Cross over top,#2449,  of 100% poly from Toronto. It is the second time with this pattern,  The top gapes when I sit, I must slouch or collapse or something. So I took out 1/2 in above the bust line. It was better than the first top I made. So after wearing the top a couple of times, I took the front bands off and shortened them by One and one-half inches. It fits better now but I think the back neck also needs to be stabilized. It looks incredibly low cut in this photo but not in real life. IMG_0034

Kwik Sew,#3338, paisley patterned  lace, slightly larger than last time. I but nylon trimed elastic around the neck, fairly comfortable to wear. It is not a knit.  This is from the same store in Toronto.IMG_0030

Two T shirts.

Two new tops from Kwik Sew 3338 both view A. The first picture, where I am holding up the picture, the hem has been pulled up but this is really comfortable. The other one is a stretch lace, very warm to wear, not nearly as much give in the fabric.