Bermuda Scarf (part 2)

My cousin, known as half garage on ravelry, came to dinner. I knew her Burmuda scarf was finished and she challenged me to have mine done as well.

So when she and her dh came to dinner, we first examined the scarves and then went outside for pictures. Mine is slightly larger in depth, I got tired of counting and did my own thing for awhile and then did the last two sections as recommended.  She used Kauni and I used Regia  hand-dye  effect sock yarn.

We had a great evening, discussing knitting and travel.

I have some things that need finishing.

I wrote this post on the 30th of March. I wasn’t in the mood to put in the pictures. I hate to say it but nothing has changed since I wrote it.

I have finished knitting two pairs of socks. I have not finished weaving in the ends. I think that they will be going in a give away box. I used left over sock yarn for these pairs of socks.

I have also finished a scarf called Les Miserables. I haven’t felted it yet. I finally gave up on a tank top I started designing several years ago. I tried everything with it. I had the neckline done at one stage and then decided to add some length to it. Next it was too small through the bust and the armeyes were pulled and didn’t look good. I cut off the top. I tried several ways of adding extra width, darts from the side, extra stitches spaced evenly across, short row increases between the apexes, all looked terrible.

Finally, I found something that would work. I had lots of fun with all the holes in the scarf. This was the second ball of yarn that I had bought and I like the slightly brighter colours better.  When will I felt it? when the weather is a little better., and I can dry it outside. Maybe tomorrow.


I even did a scarf for my hubby, I used Kertzer Tweed Montage and used the ribbed scarf pattern that was so popular a few years ago.