Notions and Knitting

After decades of sewing, I finally have my first narrow hemming foot. (3mm) I think I just used to avoid the whole issue of narrow hems, my clothes were much to practical. But I have a few light weight fabrics in the stash and I had left a blouse abandoned for several months. My attempts at a hand sewing edge were terrible, so I am in practice mode. I also picked up the ruffled organza elastic trim, it was a lot cheaper than the two hanks that I bought in France. The big buckle, I am always collecting purse findings, I have visions of making my own leather purse one of these days. I have saved my green leather coat and a black leather coat of my father’s in hopes that I’ll make a couple of fabulous purses.

The noro striped scarf is nearly done I am nearing the 6 foot mark. The socks are coming along as well and really don’t have too much to knit to complete the first one.

socks and scarves.

Another pair of plain socks on the needles, St. Ives yarn and solid green. That will be my start for Project Spectrum4, winter. I am in need of socks. I haven’t used this yarn before but sofar I am quite pleased with it.

The striped noro scarf just happened. I had 3 balls of Noro silk garden left over from my Hey Teach sweater and couldn’t find the receipt. So after seeing dils scarf I couldn’t wait to cast on a scarf of my own. Mine is only 33 stitches wide but still 5 inches in width. It is addicting to watch this scarf grow in length and you do just want to keep watching to see what happens next with the colour.

The arequipa socks are done, they have alpaca in them, so probably too warm for me to wear now that it is starting to be warm.

The yarn harlot has the teacher list up for the Sock Summit. So far I can’t see how I am going to work that into my summer, I’ll just have to dream on that for awhile. I have my lotto ticket for today, imagine 48 million, I can think of a few knitting friends I can take with me.

A new Direction

Only fourteen days and Project Spectrum begins again. Each year comes with a whole new set of guide lines and as usual with any challenge, we get out as much if not more than what we put into it. This year it is based on Cardinal Directions and Lolly has posted the schedule for the next 8 months.
A excerpt from Lolly’s blog-

“Just as the cardinal directions are linked to a color, each direction is also linked to a season, an element, and a natural material in many cultures. This quartet of features (color, material, season, and element) are a part of this cardinal direction. As a participant in Project Spectrum, you can choose to simply explore the colors associated, or even the textures of the natural material. If you choose, you can interpret the directions through the lens of the associated season or of the element. Your interpretations can be literal or esoteric. You can explore the science or the philosophy. Like the Project Spectrums of years past, it is totally up to you!

NORTH (March/April)
Color: Green
Material: Stones/Gems/Rocks
Season: Winter
Element: Earth”

Once again there is a Ravelry connection and a flicker group will also be added.
I think I will be doing a sock theme, I am on a roll so far this year with socks. I have some great green sock wool in the storage locker. I’ll add some sewing, maybe a necklace, green is a recurring theme for me. Maybe even my coat for the great coat sewalong will be revisited.

two socks

Both pictures were taken with a minute of each other but the table is closer to the real colour in the 2nd picture.
The pair in progress is the Arequipa sock and I have done a few more inches since yesterday.
The close-up of the pair with the eyelets is the Mad Tosh socks using a basic pattern, I used a different eyelet pattern with each sock. Very difficult to photograph.

Home Again

I was in Toronto for a few days, nice to get away from home for a few days, visiting family.The weather turned fairly warm on Saturday with a warm wind. We went for lunch at the Autogrill and took part in the Winterlicious program, I had some excellent pizza with very thin crust. Then it was onto the subway and the streetcar, nearly the full length of Queen Street.
The first stop was the Purple Purl, a neat yarn shop and then a long ride again over to Dufferin and to the Workroom. I took a little side trip to look at contemporary jewelry at Made You Look and we also had a look in the fabric store, I can’ t remember the name but some excellent things in there as well. One final stop on the way home to look in Fluevog’s. I didn’t buy anything but that was OK.
I spent some time knitting and my new socks (Arequipa) are coming along quite nicely.
We had two hours of turbulence on the plane, couldn’t knit during that, just kept my eyes shut and tried to ignore the whole thing. The next plane was late due to a mechanical problem. It was a long day and just glad to get in the door at 1am.

two book reviews

I picked up Stitch Journeys when I was in Sechelt at Sew Easy, when I picked up the Arequipa yarn. There are great pictures and ideas for various types of machine embroidery. Worked in a postcard format, which will give me some ideas for the fabric postcard workshop which I am hosting at the end of the month.
I have mixed feelings about the 1000 sweaters mainly because there are only 3 sizes of sweaters! Sizes 34, 36 and 38. On the other hand, the book is constructed like a flip book with sweater bodies in the top half of the book, with different stitch patterns and basic necklines, V, slit, round, square etc. Below the sweater bodies are the sleeve, pocket, neckline options that can be added to the various tops. I think it is a good starting point for me to figure out my own sweaters. I ordered my book on line from hampstead house books, but it is no longer in stock.

January wool projects.

I have moved to my new townhouse and continue to find places for our belongings and I find some things are now being placed in the garage sale pile. Not everything is going to fit! I also have to organize some of the storage inside cabinets to suit our things.
New shelves have been placed in the office and sewing room, new 7 drawer organizers have been added.
The only hobby that I have participated in for the last while is knitting.

The little tiny sweaters made with sock yarn were fun to do, except for the sewing up part, nearly as many ends as a real sweater. The cabled one still needs the collar added before sewing up. This fun project was from Berocco.
They are the project called Jamb.
This picture will not upload in the proper orientation.

The yarn call Arequipa, was bought in Sechelt. My hubby had been in Peru, on business and looked around for sock yarn for me and couldn’t find any. He heard about a wool store in Lima but, of course, he wasn’t going back to Lima again. He was actually in a city called Arequipa and I knew I was meant to have this yarn. It has alpaca with the superwash wool.

The socks are not yet finished, the first sock was a little too short so I need to add a bit then redo the toe again, I hope to wear them this weekend.