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You Belong in Paris
You enjoy all that life has to offer, and you can appreciate the fine tastes and sites of Paris. You’re the perfect person to wander the streets of Paris aimlessly, enjoying architecture and a crepe.
What European City Do You Belong In?
This ranks very high on my list of cities that I want to visit. I knew I belonged there.

one more thing

I was looking through In Style, I think, around page 266, there are purses made of knitting and leather. The knitting is cabled and not felted, it looks like an old sweater to me with leather to reinforce the top edge, and the corners on the bottom. The handles were leather as well.  The price tags somewhere between 34.95 and 1000.00 dollars.  I think they could only be used if you were being dropped off at an event. It wouldn’t stand up to rain or snow. Ugh.  Bye the way the wool colour was cream!

Finally “y” done

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I have sent off my 29 “y” fat pages for the alphabet swap. Some one is doing puctuation and another is doing end pages. that   explains why there is more than 26. Below is the back of the page.(and the front again by mistake) The pages are 4×41/2 inches, the extra half inch is for binding, don’t know how I will do that or the covers yet. I have seen some of the other posted letters and the book will be fabulous when completed.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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I just realized that the trekking that I bought last weekend is the same color way, just a little paler.
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fibre happy

I went to the Gibson’s Landing Fibre fest, it was quite a small show but I did enjoy myself and liked looking at the exhibits.
I restrained myself, I don’t know why. I bought Trekking sock yarn in colour 159. It was too washed out in the photo, faded denim,pink, grey, gold and cream. 50 grams of fleece to spin and a small spindle, I will definitely going to see Damselfly about lessons but not until after September. That came from Knitopeia in White Rock.
I bought a package of angelina fiber from Sew Easy  and they had alchemy yarns as well, very tempting. I met Holli Yeoh from Bees Knees, really nice lady and she had cute new sweaters with her.
Fun Knits from Quadra had an amazing variety of sock yarns, more Trekking, Lorna’s Laces and also yarns with cotton. check out the yarns on her site, I am also interested in the scrawl pattern.

2 friends, 2 books

I finally delivered a birthday present to my neighbour, a week late. I made a text and texture journal based on nature and animals for her.
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The colour is more intense, the back ground is a celery green. So it has more of a golden hue. I used a hydrangea leaf for the motif in the middle. I really like working with the gel  modeling paste. I neglected to check the last two signatures and had them in upside down, so I learnt how to take it apart and make repairs. I like the large eyelets but have to find something better to flatten them in the back.

The second book for another friend isn’t quite finished, I still have to cement on the frame and purse. Hers is based on fashion and fabric. The colour is actually more purple-pink.
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This is the sample of handspun I got from Austrailia It is 2 metres of thick and thin, lavender to teal   with peacock in the mix as well. I don’t know what it is destined to be yet, doll hair, sewn on atcs,  or added into a focal area on a new felted purse.

Rust dye anyone, I can’t bear to thow out the old ax head, I have dyed with rust once before with a few old nails. I dyed the cotton lining for a woven handbag. I have friends who have dyed linen with it. My friend has offered me some white linen so maybe I’ll give it a whirl.
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Christmas knitting:
I have been using silky wool, the first pair of wrist warmers are done and the second pair have been started.

knitting progress

I finished my lace project, it actually did get easier over time. I just have to keep counting and counting. I was working on the Leaf cravat from the winter02/03 from interweave knits. I used silky wool and made the shorter scarf.
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Another knitting project has been languishing, the voodoo wrist warmers from knitty. I tried several times to get the buttonhole for the thumb to look right and after leaving it alone, I seem to have now figured out the process.

Sewing, I bought more fabric, just can’t resist a good sale and I made a pair of demin pants with a drawstring waist, they fit well except for the length, which I made too long and so I have to retaper the legs before I redo the hems.

Blackberries: Thornless, what a joy to pick! A fairly compact plant with lots of berries, I pick  8 cups of berries every few days. It has been raining so don’t know how they are doing now but will venture out tomorrow and pick again. The first pie was delicious and my hubby and I ate it all by ourselves(dessert for a few days). Mind you next time I cook pies I’ll put a cookie sheet in the oven to catch the drips.  My husband had to take out 2 parts of the gas oven  for me to get at the remaining gooey spots.
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Lots of berries still remain.

Artist talk: today at 1pm at a gallery. I am going to talk about the doll group and medium chosen for the event. The show is called “we FELT like it and other things”  The dolls had to incorporate felt or felt techniques.  Yesterday, I was calling on a friend to take my place, I don’t know what I had  but out of 36 hours I was only up off the couch for about an hour and a half total. Every joint hurt, I had a sinus headache. So it was a day of pain meds, ice packs and heating pads, bad tv and lots of sleep. I don’t know if it was a change in the weather or a virus but I am glad it is over!!

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The smaller winder, both work pretty smoothly with those big gears.

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This is the big winder, aren’t all the gears impressive.

cleanup needed  This is a great site,  there is an online knitting book on how to be an expert knitter. Lots of great photos and tips, I wish I had read the chapter on joining seams before I had done my last sweater. The finishing could have been better.
My small lace project has been progressing, I am improving and having to rip out a lot less each day.

The deck has had a coat of vinyl paint done yesterday.  I’ll soon be able to take the barbeque out of the dining room and all of tools on the floor will be removed. Maybe the house can get back to normal. Renovations are such a mess, wood and sawdust everywhere out side, we are going to move the hot tub,  and rearrange all the stuff under the deck as well.  On Tuesday, the sofas, loveseats and the downstairs carpet were cleaned,  so all the stuff that was removed from the rec room should go back in place.  So I am living in chaos downstairs as well.

My friend, thought that she had a ball winder that I could have. On further inspection, we think that the 2 machines are bobbin winders. I am so impressed with the smooth running of the gears and am wondering if an adaption could be made  so that it would be a ball winder instead.  I haven’t taken any photos yet but will post later today.

neat socks I like the latest socks on Kinitnet  but for the time being I am trying to resist tempation and frustration.