Eleven days on the boat.

I don’t have any pictures yet, the camera is still on the boat. The weather was variable wind, rain, sun, cold, hot. We stayed an extra night in Naniamo because of the wind and rain, walked around the town with 2 jackets on each.  When we went through Dodd’s narrows, the current is up around 9 knots, so everyone waits for slack water and it was really busy with about 25 vessels plus a tug with a barge, every one was calling up on the radio  with security messages.

We went to the Beneteau rendevous,  over 60 boats. One man had just circumnavigated the globe, in a 30 foot boat. There was lots of fun and games and also some fund raising. Around $500 for children’s hospital and $600 for the Disabled sailors association.  I attended a cooking demonstration with raised money for the disabled sailors, about 18 receipes to taste and I learned lots about good utensils and products to take on a boat. I didn’t go to the cooking lesson on the last rendevous but will certainly like to attend another one someday.

We visited a couple of places  Chemainus, Otter Bay and Sidney Spit.

We spent 2 days in Ganges, on Salt Spring Island and I splurged at the Stitches Quilt store.The new location is wonderful. The last night was Canada day, so we had a great spot on the dock to watch the fireworks, listen to the anthem and the song which was made popular during Expo ’86,  Our Home Our Canada. It was a great evening with everyone cheering and the boats with all the horns honking.

After all the years of sailing, I saw my first orca in the wild. It’s so joyous to seem them.

Here we are tied up to a mooring bouy.apir

The last day coming home, was long, bumpy with good sized troughs and I could only cope with that with my eyes shut. My head was just throbbing and needed ice on return home.  Hubby went out the next day for another rendevous.   I was glad for some downtime and stayed home.

We had a good time

We are back from four days in Toronto, visiting ds, dil and the cats. So what did we do?
First up was the Boat in the water show in Toronto, and while the men did that, the women did Queen Street W and Richmond street, neither of us had made it to Kings Fabrics before on our fabric jaunts.
Photo top to bottom, nylon lace paisley print, bamboo coral knit, poly print, wool herringbone green. We looked at a lot of knit dresses and sweaters, some well designed coats and Fluevog shoes, evidently the Twist Collective shoes with all their sock patterns were all Fluevogs. We both came home with fabric. We met up with the men for drinks.
Saturday, out in the pouring rain to Kitchener Waterloo to check out the wool. We got a few goodies.

Sunday was knitting and Roman Legion Re-enactment armour assembly. Our son in his gear. Heather and I took a a look in Yorkville as well and Accessity was my destination to buy a Hampton bag from Baggallini. I got the one I wanted, there are not a lot of stores in Canada selling these bags and the website is quite extensive. I intend to take this bag on all of my trips as it is lightweight, well built and has enough pockets for everything. I was going to get the bag anyway, but now it was a necessity to carry my stuff home.

I have knitted all the pieces for Hey Teach, it looks a little big but that is the way it will be. I also finished the toe on DH ‘s sock and started the second sock on the way home on the plane. Hey Teach is being blocked.

The weather is so overcast, so picture taking is iffy. When the sun comes out, I’ll photograph the wool.
Heather helped me by putting a flag counter on my blog. I am amazed at the visitors and thank each and everyone for having a look.

On the boat

The first night on the boat in Clam Bay in the Gulf Islands.

I loved these rusted sculptures in the garden at the marina in Genoa Bay on Vancouver Island. I’d love one of these in my own garden. Some wild life on the rocks in one of the channels.

A poor colour rendering of my bag of many pockets from Felt Frenzy, I used Patons Classic Merino, 2 strands throughout, the green is jade heather and I can’t find the label for the tweed. Edit: it is Rich red tweed. I have attempted a matching wallet and now they need to go into the washing machine.
Entering the Pass, pretty calm and out the other side of the pass, with West Vancouver just under the dark section of cloud with the UBC bluff. You’ll have to zoom in to see it! The water was so calm, a big giant could skip a stone to Vancouver.
I have gone through here before, praying for it to soon be over as the boat rocked to and fro as it hit eddys and the ocean swell. But this time, I actually sat in the cockpit and knit!

Boating but no sailing

Nothing like taking a sailing vacation and having the weather do the unexpected. We were gone 8 days and had the sails up for 45 minutes. Most of the time no wind and the time the sails were up, it was blowing pretty good with whitecaps on the water pushing us from behind. I, of course, am not much of a sailor, so I enjoyed the motoring.
The first five days the weather was hot, and we stayed in Clam Bay, Ganges and Sidney. I had lots of knitting time and the only hobby things I took this trip was my knitting.
We spent one night in Genoa Bay, neat spot and we hadn’t been there before and it was good shelter from the wind.
The last 2 night were spent at Telegraph Harbour. We stayed an extra night because of small craft warning and the barometer was really dropping. That afternoon, 4 hours of rain. We were content in our boat, knitting, reading and surfing, we had good internet access. Got to love wireless internet. So I spent my time looking at ravelry and reading my favorite blogs.
The next day, the pass had slack water at 2pm, we left the moorage at noon, the sea was as smooth as glass all the way to Vancouver and we were home by 7:30.
Pictures next time.

Mainsail recycled

I was thrilled to read in the Vancouver Sun about a local company, which is using recycled sails to create their product line. Today, I took in the old mainsail, it has been taking up a fair bit of space under the deck, to Red Flag design. I got to see the new warehouse space, finished products and the 8 industrial machine they use to create various bag design and duffle bags from used sails. I was very impressed.

Time to relax, time to knit.

We were off on the boat for a week. Nice hot weather, met up with good people, ate and slept well.
It was the first time ever that we tied up in Nanaimo. The link shows where we tied up, we were right down town, we could see the Bastion, the theatre and the mall from where we were tied up. We had planned on going through Dodd narrows and were waiting for slack water but the winds were high on Wed and really blowing on Thursday, so most boaters stayed put for a couple of days. Friday the wind died down and we came home, we had the sails up for a few hours but the trip took 8 hours from dock to dock.
On Thursday night we had dinner in the Minnouz resturant at the Coast Hotel. It was delicious and we both had bacon wrapped venison. We then took in a play, Proposals by Neil Simon, which I had wanted to see in North Van, it was one of 10 plays in the provincial finals Mainstage. It was a lovely evening.

While away, I sewed repairs on the weather cloths, cleaned inside, hubby did outside, put the curtain rods and curtains back up and made a big list of the things we’d like to do next year on the boat. New dodger, new wheel cover, new cover for the BBQ and winches, a table for the cockpit, new taps– and the list goes on.

I managed to find yarn in the mall, Sugar and Cream, which I hadn’t used before and I conquered the Summertime Spa Cloth.(colour hasn’t come out correct in the photo. Some days, I feel like I will never graduate beyond a small cloth or towel when it comes to lace. I will continue to persevere and I found the cotton and the galaxy needles easy to use. I found Bamboo sock
yarn, On Your Toes by SRK.

I spent a good portion of my time working on socks for my hubby, 2×2 rib and I am now down to the gusset.

Boating adventures.

We have just come back home after 8 days on the boat. We visited some of the old haunts from years ago, Montague Harbour on Galiano, Ganges on Saltspring Island and Sidney. In Sidney we visited with family, with friends http://www.stacystudios.com/ and shopping. I found a big garden pot, my dh carried it down to the boat and it resided in the V berth until we were home.

This is going to be used for my fountain, I’d better get it up and running fairly soon or summer will be over.

Ganges was wonderful, a workout on my visa card. I found a hat, that shelters my eyes and my head doesn’t get too hot. Just a knitted bucket hat, of wool and hemp made with love in China. I found a quilting store, http://www.stitchesquiltshop.com/great fabric, then discovered the wool and then a few fabrics used in altered textiles that one burns for an unique effect, puff paint and foils. Great fun. I also got a experiment kit from Stef Francis.http://www.stef-francis.co.uk/ Ohh, it was a good day. I’ll take more pictures tomorrow.

At low tide, I could see starfish on the pylons under the dock. Two were trapped in the rotted out section of the dock support.

Time will tell

Even though I commented yesterday on the boat and the state of the foam mattresses, I forgot to mention the trouble with fitted sheets. I have attacked this problem again.
I have made many fitted sheets in my time and on a regular bed or even tent trailer when all the corners are square it is a relatively simple procedure.
The boat foams are different not a square corner anywhere! The first sheet I made fitted the width of two mattresses side by side. The problem is this. The old covers are a nylon velvet, this has nap, so when you sleep and get out of bed occasionally the sheet creeps up from the foot and by morning it is above your knees. The foams are different widths and are contoured to fit the hull of the boat, bevelled edges at the foot, bevelled along one side the entire length by about 6 or 8 inches, so across the width of the widest foam it goes from 1 inch to 4 inches in thickness.
This time the approach is to make a fitted sheet for each foam, so each foam was up on the cutting table in the sewing room with an old sheet, corners were pinned, sewn, strips of fabric cut off, edges serged and then some elastic was added. Here’s hoping, it will all stay together, it isn’t very pretty on the back, I have done pretty before and it hasn’t worked.
After all that, I used 3 boxes of Tintex Royal blue, and dyed a blue sheet, a pink one and lavender pillowcases. They are still 3 different colours but it is a more co-ordinated look.

It was so hot last night in the house, we did consider going down to the marina and sleeping on the boat.


Yesterday, there was a breeze along with the high temperature, but today no breeze. Just 32 degrees in the shade on my deck. I did spend some time sewing this morning, even set up a chair in a shady spot outside but walking to and from it was too hot.
I am working on a new blouse, now that it is half way together, I have to make some modifcations.( it doesn’t fit right, I discovered that it needs a zipper and that it has bias tape on the edges of the arm hole.) All this used to be written on the back of the pattern envelope but no longer on some of the patterns. I had already changed the pattern with an exposed facing on the outside of the garment and I don’t know if I want to do that with the bias as well.

Knitting progresses each piece from the previous post has gained a few rows at least.

Boating update: After sleeping a week on the old foam mattresses we decided to upgrade with new foam. Then I washed all the covers on the bed and salon cushions, twice through the washer each. I shudder at how dirty they were. Now we are looking at getting new foams for the salon cushions. ($800 bill doesn’t include new covers) but we discovered a great deal of mildew and they are now gone. Hubby is also entertaining the idea of a new mainsail, we won’t be ordering that until Sept.

The fan is going to be pointing in my direction all evening, while I watch Canada’s next top model and then So you think you can dance.

To cope with the heat, a mid afternoon shower, chips for salt, a milkshake and I am reading a fictional account of living in the glaciers in the days of the iceage. I only felt cool for 15 minutes.

Sailors return

We were moored at Maple Bay, it has really changed in two decades, better docks, boathouses, and more on shore facilities. ( I like to shop)

Rock formation on Kuper Island, I have always been fascinated with how different the geology can be a short distance from home.

Party time, approximately half the boats at the Beneteau Rendezvous 07 at Telegraph Harbour which is between Kuper and Thetis islands in the Gulf Islands. Good food, lots of people and over 50 boats. Games and give aways. A chance to get on boats, see how others have problem solved storage, made boat cushions, looked at a variety of dogers and biminis. Heard about sailing in different parts of the world. Lots to think about.

Stanley Park between Siwash Rock and the Lions Gate Bridge, the seawall walk still blocked to bikers and walkers. It will take a long time and a lot of money to recover from the storm damage of last November.

Thanks to Joyce and Louisa for the comments on the last post. I can agree with Louisa, I had forgotten about UFO’s.

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