The end of the vacation.

Friday, we drove out to Salem a drizzly day, and we walked around taking in the sites. My big favorite was the Peabody Essex Museum, first it is a wonderfully airy space. A great collection of things including ship figure heads and lots of scrimshaw. A special exhibit on origami and I loved the horses from one sheet of piece of paper.

Saturday, we went to a different hotel closer to the airport. We took the Logan shuttle to the airport and then another shuttle to the hotel. Since it was a sunny day, we wanted to go to the USS. Constitution, we ended up on shuttle buses, the T, to get to North Station and then walked across the Charles River to the Charleston Navy Yard and got in line for the tour. We were both surprised that everyone had to undergo a security check, like the airport. We had a good tour and then walked back to the T.

Sunday was another beautiful day although windy. We returned to Faneuil hall, looked in more shops and went down to Boston Common, the trees are just starting to turn colours and are not near as developed as in Northampton. We did a block of the famous Newbury Street which is very high end.

Arts and Crafts

Yesterday, we made it to NorthHampton to the Webs store and it did not disappoint. I was overwhelmed in the main store and couldn’t make up my mind. I also made it to the back room. OMG unbelieveable. I finally just bought a couple of balls of Trekking Pro Natura sock yarn. Heather will get to choose one, the next time we get together. We then had a great sandwich for lunch.

Next on the agenda was Stow, the home of Quilting Arts magazine. After a lovely ride through the country on a grey day, we found the store quite easily. The store owner was packing up many boxes for the Houston Quilt show, there was a great assortment of things to chose from, books galore, I got 2, dyed silk rods, rubber stamps and I bought some mermaid stamps for my altered art as well. I forgot to get a photo at Webs, but I am happily clutching my stash after shopping at the Quilting Arts store.
On the way back to the motel, we stopped at the mall in Woburn and went into the Fabric Place, mostly household and quilting fabrics. The fashion fabrics were a good selection but fancier than I need in my wardrobe. There was also a good selection of knitting yarns and books.

Today, was a bit drizzly but we didn’t get too wet. We went to the Museum of Fine Art and it lived up to its reputation. The Monets were wonderful, saw some great contemporary art, interesting shoes and then we had a great Asian Shrimp salad for lunch.

From there we saw a small section of Copely square and had a look at expensive clothing and shoes. Really neat stuff.

Boston and beyond

We have managed to have good weather although the temperature has dropped quite a few degrees. Monday was Columbus day and we drove to Rockport, via Glouchester and Salem. It was too busy in Salem to even find a parking space, so we continued our drive and had a lovely time in Glouchester and I found the perfect travelling bag which I have been looking for the last few months. We also visited a lovely gallery great furniture. Lunch was had next to the dock.

Rockport was very small but wonderful to visit and we could see a difference in the tree colour since we arrived.

Tuesday, we went in another direction down to Plymouth and part way along Cape Cod.

We went on the Mayflower, saw Plymouth Rock, a museum and drove on to the Plimoth Plantation.

Such a good day

Our first day in Boston was fabulous. Hot and sunny, we took the subway into town and walked everywhere. Tomorrow we are taking a tour. We went to the Faneuil Hall and the Quincy market, lots of street entertainers. Break dancing which was great. We walked along parts of the Freedom trail and we found the architecture so different from at home. We walked to Boston Common and had a rest in the shade and then walked another mile or so to the train station. The Boston Garden was at the same stop, so we went to the Celtic’s store and looked at the souvenirs.
The two statues were so good, they fooled a lot of people, wonderful to watch them. Click on the photos to make them bigger.