Rip, Rip

I hate having to rip out my sewing. Yesterday and today that is all I seem to have done. Two Tshirts, I had to carefully rip out hemlines, necklines and sleeve hems. This was partly because the twin needle kept skipping and I had to replace it. Then I did some hems with a zigzag —more ripping out was needed.
I tried to redraw a plain t shirt front to have a draped neck. Another failure, but I know what to do now.
Knitting, socks and scarf were ripped back a few times.
Paper dolls recut and recut. Not finished.
Then in a moment of frustration, I grabbed my old felted hat which didn’t fit. So late last night, I took my rotary cutter and adjusted the curled up brim and today I took the scissors to the crown . I figure I had nothing to lose, I certainly wasn’t going to wear the hat the way it was. I will leave my sewing machine for another day.

Best Friend Jacket

I am done and I have a bit of yarn leftover, and am now contemplating a collar. Slinging a purse over my shoulder tends to pull at the neckline. I went to the store where I bought the yarn and they were happy to see it made up and it was fun to wear as I got comments everywhere. I have done a few changes to the pattern, mostly because I used cotton and thought it might be too heavy thru the shoulders, so I added yokes to the front and back and used moss stitch to help stablize the cotton. I wasn’t sure of the size. I like the fit, it could be an inch or two looser but if I lose weight which is the plan it will be just right. It was perfect to wear today, it was a lovely fall day. The forecast is for rain the rest of the week. So it is probably a jacket that will only get a couple of months wear a year.

the Fabtour 2007

Just a little yarn from Japan, wool and intended for a new scarf from a shop in Portland called Knit,Purl.
Books from Barnes and Noble and 50 % off one book. I am loving all three.

Craft goodies, bits for dolls, altered art, book binding, jewellry etc. Fabric from 3 stores, upper fabric is bamboo jersey knit, nylon mesh on the left and tencel on the right.

My friends and I had a good time on our Fabtour of Portland with a stop over in Issaquah and two stops in Tacoma, we saw Dale Chiluey glass installations, great clothes in several locations and ate good food. Lots of laughs and we were exhausted on return.

And they’re off

It is not a horse race. Two friends and I are going on a fabric shopping spree down to Portland, we leave tomorrow morning and will be back on Tuesday. I have the list of shops with all the directions printed out, a few I have been to before and a few will be new to me.
Best-Friend Jacket is nearly done. I think I am taking out one seam, it is not quite right. It is heavy but I looooove it. Pictures on return.

Two fibre experiments

The Lutrador and Lace experiment is nearly done and I think it will become a journal cover. I was going for a verdigris look. It feels quite rough still and not the kind of finish that I like on the cover of a journal. I like it to feel sleek in my hands and this one needs something else. I still might add some Rub and Buff metallic and parts may be cut off for artist trading cards. I love the part with the doily and the parts that have been pulled out of the scrim.

This little heart is an experiment with Angelina hot fix fibres and textiva which is also fusible. I was thinking of wings for a doll, when I added all the other bits on top it is leaning more to Victoria Secret models with their wings. For the knitters and spinners out there, there are 2 types of angelina fibres and some are not heat set. The Textiva the film, is sugar plum, opal sparkle on top of green peacock flash. Pink tingle and blue angelina fibres.

You can click on the photos to see more detail.


A few last days of summer are promised for the weekend and this is the last of the summer sewing. Linen/rayon capris with seersucker trim at the hem and a waistline finish with a petersham ribbon. It is comfortable to wear and I had been hoping to wear this outfit in Toronto 6 weeks ago, that deadline kind of slipped away from me. The blouse I played around with a bit, the linen facing has been interfaced with silk organza and the buttons are stacked. A rather garish lime green pearl button has been topped with another light coloured pearl button.
These fabrics were picked up at Frou Frou when they shut the doors here and moved the factory to China. The seersucker was just off cuts and the green was an end of the bolt. Maximum cost was $30 and so far, one skirt, one cropped pants, two linen tops, one seersucker top with linen trim and a batik top with linen trim. When I add in a brown linen skirt it is a good combination for travelling.
My next deadline is to get a knitted sweater(jacket) done by Wednesday. It should be possible.

Irons in the fire.

Just a short post to say, I have received my invitation to Ravelry. I am now one of 11,000plus members. I am looking forward to organizing my projects.

I have been busy at trying to finish several projects.

Knitting: Best friends jacket, I am getting close to 80 % finished.

Two pairs of socks untouched since Aug 1, when I was on the plane.

Sewing: Finished the capris in linen today and the seersucker top just needs buttons and buttonholes. I will be stacking 2 different buttons together to get the look I want.

Fibre experiments: I am trying to do a piece for the Lutrador and Lace challenge and will post a picture tomorrow. I have the third layer of paint drying.

Fabrics: The samples I ordered from Timmels has arrived.

Unknown Journey

So the question is, where am I going with my experiments with Lutrador? It is a spun polyester that can be dyed, melted, stitched and printed on an ink jet. So this is just the beginning. For these samples I have machine stitched, dropped seta silk dye drops, sprayed with water, heated with a heat gun and applied puff paint. I did heat the puff paint with my heat gun, then got impatient, poked at it and tried ironing it. Flattened the puff paint out, then I added distress ink stamp pads. No photo of that yet. I think I need a hotter heat gun. I have very light lacey effect in the 70 gm piece. I have no plans for these pieces other than their own little journal.