In a Scrape GPP Crusade #44

It is getting down to the due date again, and finally I got my act together.  This crusade was all about laying down paint on a page without a brush, just using an old credit card or scraper.

I have a limited number of paints and I pulled out some favorites, peridot and purple and what a dreary mess that created. It was metalllic but oh so bad. I had done this method before and I thought I was quite successful but obviously, I needed to reread the instructions.

So today, (Saturday) I took those dreary papers and put down some white gesso first. This time I had a spatula handy and some childrens crayola paints. I am much happier with the results.You can still see some of the old paint in the background and some of the glitter paint I used shows as well, although my camera can’t capture it.  My computer has been in the shop. So couldn’t upload the post until today.

Once again, I thank Michelle for making a crusade for us to play with, anyone can join in at any time.  After last month, with the text messaging crusade, I find my self cutting out words to keep for another project.

Little things, a change of scale.

It was Dare to Be Inspired Day again this past week. It was not as well organized, I was having trouble getting inspired. People had appointments, were baby sitting and there was extra maintence men working on the townhouse at the same time.

It was decided on Saturday to do inchies. I watched a ton of you tube videos, visited blogs and decided that I should make a few on Monday night. I know very last minute. I had tried fabric a couple of weeks before but I need to find an easier way than my lackadaisicel method, so the switch to paper was a good thing. I had also decided to include some embossed paper beads. The group had made them before making a much larger bead and I thought we should change up the scale and go really small.

I have to confess, that is just the way I am, the inches are not 1×1 inch square but 1 3/8 inches by 1 3/8 inches because that is the size of my paper punch.  I have included a couple of beads made last year for a size comparison.

More socks

I made a pair of socks in August. I am really one for simple socks, so just a 2 row pattern, which still required me to rip back now and again. Sometimes, I think I am lace impared.  I did a plain cuff istead of the picot  edge.  Eyelet  rib socks by  Allison Sarnoff were a fun knit.

I bought the wool, bamboo yarn last year at the Gibson’s Landing Fibre Festival, so it was time to get started. I love the results.

I have been trying to find the photo of Panda(the yarn) that I took in 2008,  I was looking in the 2009 file, but somehow it is miss filed, and I can’t seem to link it to the post either.