Still Snowing, cooking and knitting

Snow is continuing to fall, we have now accumulated 16 inches. That’s way too much for Vancouver, the snow is supposed to stay on the ski hill.

The hosts of the Christmas dinner have postponed it until Sunday. I had bought a ham just in case we were snowed in and didn’t want to face the streets and other drivers. So we will eat well.

Although, I have had my new stove for a few years, I’ve never had a big baking spree. I usually just do main courses in my oven, as a result, my baking has turned out a little dark on the bottom. Well, really some things have burnt around the edges, so I’ve just been eating out of the middle of the pan! We’ve both have had to test the baking to see if it is presentable.
I’ll have another go at the stove later today. I’ll pay a bit more attention this time and take stuff out earlier.

Knitting has been progressing. We are catching up on some old Battlestar Galactica and I have finished the sleeves for my Briggs and Little cardigan. I probably won’t block it for a couple of weeks, so I have time to think about the collar and neckband and the buttons. I am thinking some Dorset buttons will be fun to do. It has been a few years since I have made any of them.

The last of my Web’s skein of the month came on Monday, Fortissima Socka, in blues and it has bamboo in it. I will just be doing some plain socks. I did download the free sock patterns from Knitting Daily but they are more than I wish to bother with at this time. The Skein of the month club will not be continuing next year. I did enjoy last year and got some lovely yarns mostly in colours that I liked. I haven’t used it all but what I did knit I am pleased with. I made 2 scarves, 2 pairs of fingerless mitts, and I pair of socks and have now started the second pair of socks.

Fall colours

Although we still have the occasional warm day where sandals and no coat are in order, most days are definitely cooler and soon socks and sweaters will be needed when I go outside. The little child in me, still delights in picking up coloured leaves. These colours excite me and it is probably because the sky is often gray.
This is the yarn I received this month from Webs, lovely and soft. I don’t know what I will make from it.

This is my jewel-tone wrap that I finished knitting at least 2 years ago. I finally blocked it and wove in the ends. I washed it in Eucalan first and I was surprised that the colour ran, the water looked like grape juice. I have nothing to wear with this stole and that was why is sat in a drawer collecting dust.

Here is my finished Hey Teach, yarn Mission Falls and Noro Silk Garden. My guage is a bit off, so it is too large, especially in the back and I have used the old trick of using a clip in the front, when I am posing for the back view. I added an inch and a half to the overall length and need to replace my buttons.

wool and fabric

I finally have something to talk about, the fire scarf and matching garter stitch wristwarmers are done, it was the kitchner stitch along the length of the gloves that kept me from posting earlier. The yarn was from the Skein of the Month club from Webs back in January. The dark green fetching wristwarmers was the yarn I received from Webs in March.
Now the fabric. I sucumbed to the call of the blouse weight assortment for $20.00, on my last order from Fabric Mart. The bold print in the middle is the only one I really have trouble with figuring out a plan. The black and white plains would be good for lining, pale green stripe a shirt for me, the pink plaid is in the process of becoming a blouse for my 92 year old mom, she may get the navy,pink stripe as well but she is not as sold on it as she was with the plaid. The plaid flannel, I am still pondering. The package arrived within a week of them putting it in the mail.

A pink hat

This is Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora, it is lovely and soft to knit.
A baby hat for a one year old.

Eden in Blush and Seduce in Cinnibar from Webs are my latest purchases, probably sleeveless tops will eventually be knit.
The sock yarns below are Vancouver, I managed to knit a pair of socks while I was away on vacation. I knitted opn planes and trains, the first sock had a sloppy cuff and was tight through the instep, so a few changes were made on the second sock. I have yet to start the one sock over but I will now that I have some free time in the evening and don’t have to work on the dolls. I am hoping to graft the new top half of the sock to the first one I made. I must admit I am not that crazy about grafting that number of stitches.
The new dark ball of Regia is the Skein of the Month from Webs for May, once again serendipity strikes. 5 months of yarn has arrived, each ball has fitted in with my Project spectrum. Now the element is air and the colours are grey, white and yellow. There are a mulititude of grey tones in this ball, I think it will be socks for my husband.

New finds

My latest fashion mags in a foreign language, Portuguese from Brazil. Love the clothes and the different aesthetic from the different countries. We can get several editions of In Style and Elle locally but usually just UK, France, Australia, maybe Spain or Germany. Each one is different.
I don’t think I will be the least bit fluent in Italian, French of Spanish for my upcoming trip, I am just not disciplined enough to study. I’ll be packing my Spanish and Italian language books on the plane and hopefully my high school French will be enough to get by, I am willing to do charades much to the embarrassment of my friends.

My yarn from Skein of the month has arrived for March, Web’s own brand Valley Yarn, Stockbridge, which is Alpaca and Wool. Pretty lux, dark green, the colour of the next phase of Project Spectrum which is green, brown and metallics for April and May for Earth. These are destined to be wrist warmers.

Play time

I had a play day at my house on Monday, two of my friends came over to play with rubber stamps with faces. We stamped out a whole bunch to use in future projects.
We painted brown paper bags, my first attempt is going to be a couple of journal covers. We used a variety of paints and the hardest part was waiting for the paint to dry inbetween appplications.
Sue Bleiweiss
had both the brown bag and the padfolio techniques in the FibreandStitch3.

This blue effort was using a thin lunch bag, the other was a heavier grocery bag. This time it has been made into a Padfolio. The paper was ironed onto felt and I added a cotton lining. I stitched the whole thing on the machine with rayon thread. I made one big signature with about 20 pages, hammed a nail through it to get all the holes lined up and threaded it through with waxed linen thread in the same colour of blue. The pen holds the closure together.

Canada Post was a little better this month, my yarn from Webs arrived in 13 days, alot better than the 31 days of the month before. This month’s Skein of the month is Swoon. Silk and wool, my absolute favorite and this is the first time I have used the EasyDrop Scarf pattern. The colour is Pink Champagne. Pink is the right colour in Project Spectrum 3 for fire.

click on photos for closeups.