Project Spectrum 5

Project Spectrum is underway again, and we will be working with a different colour  each month. Although, it was started by a knitter, Lauren, it can encompass all aspects.  So you can read about the colour and how it is made, or it might feature the colour in a title. Think food, flowers, clothes anything that takes your fancy, then write a post, take  photo and put it on flicker. I think this is the third or fourth year that I have played along. So thanks to Lauren for organizing  it once again.

I have been knitting, a another pair of socks. I was happily working away, when I realized that I was working with the wrong colour for May. The colour was red, what was I doing with a yarn called Green Envy? Other than loving it, of course! It was a Red Heart yarn called Heart and Sole, Razzle Dazzle.  literally, saved by the label.

The usual 2mm, 64 stitches but this time the gusset decreases are along the sole. I was still playing with a mixed up rib pattern. I wore them today, I love the way they feel. That’s pair number 5 for this year.

About time.

We have had a couple of warmer days with sunshine. I will be so thrilled when I don’t need my winter coat. It will be really nice to wear sandals. The magnolia is blooming on the back patio and the trees along the freeway are getting that yellow green spring tint. Hooray!

There is still snow on the local mountains, so the nip will be in the air for awhile yet. If it thaws too fast, there is always the possiblity of a flood.