Guo Pei at the VAG

For the first time in my life, I have gone to an art gallery exhibition to see the same show 3 times and I am going a 4th time before it ends on January the 20th.

Couture clothes by Guo Pei, that yellow gown that Rihanna wore to the Met drew me like a moth to a flame. 41 gowns all magnificent, Beaded, embroidered, feathered. It is a complete feast for your eyes.

You still have time to visit. Here are a couple of links, and couture2I

I managed to get photos with my phone, here are a few examples of the glorious sights.

Thoughts on 2018

Looking back I think only of the good stuff. I remember most of August as pretty dismal, I had a virus and a bad back. That viruses really threw me for a loop, I needed a lot of help from my hubby and didn’t really feel great until November. I felt so good, I went and raked leaves and then swept them into the lane behind my our town house. I slipped on the steps, rolled over with bruises and bent glasses. Fortunately, a kind lady offered to help, she went in and got my hubby to get me up off the ground . So more physio,

Other than that, it was a great year with holidays with family, visits with friends. I had time for hobbies and cooking, I spent too much time on instagram and have actually managed to post a couple photos.

When I was laid up in be in August, I decided to get rid of the craft supplies that I wasn’t using. Of course, ideas are one thing and accomplishing it is another. But sewing and fabrics are now in the forefront of my crafting passions once again. Knitting this year wasn’t satisfying, the tension was all off. The cross stitch stocking for my youngest grandchild (nearly 2) is not done. I need to use extra magnifiers to properly see the stitches and to read the pattern.

The serger requires the magnifiers and or  my husband to thread the needles!