Where have they gone?

I have been sewing since I was 13 years old, when I first took Home Economics in Grade 7. Good tools are so important. I have added to my supplies, when ever I saw something that looked good, was different or improved.  I still go to the look at the latest gadgets whenever I enter a different sewing store.

So where have the seam rippers in my collection disappeared in this new place? I have to admit to having 4 or 5 before I came to live here  but they turned up somewhere,but they seem to head into a dark hole. I think there might be one on the boat.

I had one last week when my friend visited, it was titanium scapel blade with a red and grey handle with a end cap. I still have the end cap.

There have been the little ones, like my new one, with a little blade, they have been blue or grey. Then the ones with the red handles a clear top and a larger blade with a red ball over the sharp bit. Then came the scapel blades very sharp and excellent at serged seams, one had a home made handle from popsickle sticks.  All gone.

I bought a new one at the dollar store, I was desperate, I paid my dollar, it broke.

Within 10 minutes of posting this, I found a purple seam ripper. I had looked in that spot I swear.

Bright spot on a grey day

It is so dark, rainy and gloomy today. Bright is not in my vocabulary today.

There is a bright spot in the garden, with winter blooms of the Hellebores. I am lucky I can see it from the couch.

A new start to a still relatively new year. I travelled a lot last year and I hope to stay closer to home this year. I need some good creative time.

Sewing roundup, I did get a long sleeve blouse to fit me, I hope to use it as my go to pattern this year. I might even join shirt of the month  sew along on stitcher’s guild.  I made 2 coats, one winter coat and one light raincoat.

I knitted 7 pairs of socks, none for me.

I lost some weight, exercised some.

Played with my art supplies.

Hey, I’m happy.  Time to play with some of my latest new possessions. I got a gelli.


Our last day in the Ukraine, the morning was spent at churches, a museum and caves.

The view from the river, the city and a very large statue .

The monastery of the caves

The sphere of good and spiritual renaissance, was wonderful.  half a sphere really with birch eggs painted by school children, light to dark, light pastels to bright vibrant colours. I quite loved it.

The afternoon, we had free time and went back to main shopping area. THere was a big celebration and the streets blocked off and large areas for the dignitaries to watch the performers on the main stage.

It was interesting to see nowhere to cross the streets  but then realized that the staircases led down under the street, it was a bit like a warren down there and we weren’t always sure which tunnel to go down. But each tunnel was filled with shops and food stands.  I went into the large department store, very dark, wooden counters, etc., managed a couple of floors but I was getting tired and really had no interest in further shopping and was ready to head back to the boat.

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The next morning we had to catch the bus at 2:30 am to head back home.