Melted Chocolate

We had some lovely hot weather last week and since then it has been rainy, windy. You need an umbrella, a scarf and maybe a sweater under a jacket.  Most of the blooms were pounded off the clematis during one downpour.

I ‘d like it hot enough to melt chocolate again.  During one hot day, the postman left a package in the sunshine.  These were still mighty good after a little while in the fridge.


I was quite intrigued when I saw Wingspan on Ravelry. I liked all the angles and how it was supposed to be easy. Even before I finished the Burmuda scarf, I knew that this woulf be the next project.

I went over to Baaad Anna’s to see her store, it has been open 3 years this summer and this was the first time I made it. I called once to inquire and the person who answered was so helpful, I decided to go over in person. I got some blocking wires and one ball of Poems sock yarn, colour toast, for the Wingspan pattern.

Somehow, I can still manage to screw up garter stitch, but I love that pattern and it is fun to see the various wings take shape. The Poems is a little hard for me to work with, sticky and uneven and some of the fluffy bits pulled right apart but there are lovely colours available. It is a lovely soft yarn. I sure can’t get the colour right in my photos. There is more brown tones throughout.

Weekend surprize.

My hubby had a meeting last weekend in Sooke,  on the island. It has been decades since I had been in that areea of the island. It is a beautiful harbour.

I beetled off and went in a few shops in Langford, had lunch etc.  I was told that there was a quilt show in Victoria, just a few blocks from where we waere staying.  So Sunday morning, I went off and had a look. The merchants mall had sosme great stuff, I bought a few things. Had a quick look at the quilts, which were wonrerful. as my hubby was in the car waiting for me.  I spent quite a while looking at the cloth doll display from the Cloth-a-dolics in Victora. They are certainly a group of fine artists.

The blossoms were out in Victoria.

Two nearly forgotten scarves.

When my cousin came over to visit and I was getting my knitting ready to show her. I found 2 scarves that I had  knit awhile back, and hadn’t blocked or woven in the ends.

One was a linen of my own design finished in May of 2010.  I sure can’t remember any details of the second scarf, I remember the yarn but not where I bought it or even what it was for sure. Obviously, it is all about the process for me. The results aren’t secondary but the finishing and actually wearing it aren’t all that important.  I am pleased that I am now done with them both.