Bunnies and more socks

I made my third pair of bunnies, just took me until after Easter to get them done. So that is a total of 6 now and I think I am done these little rabbits. I ordered a bunch of yarn from Knit Picks to try a variety of yarns.The pattern is from Little Cotton Rabbits on Ravelry.



I have had a crazy zauberball  from Schoppelwolle for a few years and it was always slated for socks for me, but I made another pair for my hubby, still just plain ribbed socks. They still fit over his heel and high arch and yet stay up over his slim legs.  I must say I love the colours in this pair, it makes for a fun knit as you want to see what the next section will look like.



A little washed out in the photo. It was a bright day.

Two Pairs of Socks.


I have slowly been knitting 2 pairs of socks for my hubby. I thought that I knew the pattern inside out, having knitted so many pairs of socks  in the past.I couldn’t remember how to turn a heel or how to the kitchener  stitch to do the toes. Then with both pairs I made one sock too short. I have now marked the ruler with a Sharpie so I hope that helps on the next pair.

The blue pair with the Trekking (XXL) yarn was first, just 2×2 rib. The first sock had a white section and I thought that another white band would appear in the rest of the ball somewhere but no, that was the only white section in that ball.

The next pair was with Stroll Tonal in Kindling from Knit picks.  I started in a 2×2 rib but then switched to a Fibonacci sequence over 17 stitches per needle.So 1P,2K 3P, 5K, 3P, 2K, 1P per needle. So 6 weeks of tv knitting, time now to go on to something else.

I started another pair of socks for him.



Project spectrum update

Just a few days left for the colour red and the direction south.  I did finish 2 pairs of socks. So far I am on track for the year regarding a pair a month. The last pair is the peach, bamboo pair with  Sunday swing pattern.IMG_0134

I tried on the knitted tank—yikes!! I won’t be showing any pictures of that. For awhile I toyed  with the idea that I could wear it under a jacket.  Finally came to my senses and thought I don’t need a bamboo tank to wear under a sweatshirt and undid a section of it and then laid it out against a sweater that fits a whole lot better. As I sit here and type this post, I think ripping it out and the doing a summer shawl might be a better idea.

I knitted a set of three bowls with a lively orange from Araucania nature wool chunky, so far they look like 3 weird hats for dolls.  They still need to be felted.IMG_0132

It was so hard for me to enjoy the colour red to knit or sew with, I did enjoy some tomatoes from the patio.

Finally, I did knit a scarf for my sister, just a simple little number with a few garter stitch rows to break up the monotony of stockinette stitch.IMG_0125I used 3 balls of Berroco Seduce in colour Cinnebar,  4445.

Mokira green socks.

I started this pair of socks 10 days ago, Mokira from Spillyjane. The yarn is Indigo Moon, colour Salal. I enjoyed working with both the pattern and the yarn. I do think it looks like Malachite as the yarn is darker than in the photograph. img_0116img_0115

Project Spectrum North report

I know that I haven’t posted a lot but somethings were accomplished. The colour for the last two months has been green.
Knitting: one pair of green socks, “splots” my own design: second pair of green socks 3 done.greenives2
Sewing, 2 UFO’s;, both blouses, green colours, neither all that great, there was a reason they were left unfinished.
New blouse BWOF #123, from 02/08, second time with that pattern. I am fairly pleased with it. The fabric shed like crazy but now that all the seams are encased, I don’t have to lint brush my clothes every time I turn around, I am quite happy with it. I really have an abundance of green fabric.


Isn’t it great to have friends that understand you?
So here we are with pictures of our socks, we all understand the need for blog fodder. Plus, it is also good to have a hubby who photographs whatever I want.
Stephanie and Anne came over to see our new townhouse and have tea.

Notions and Knitting

After decades of sewing, I finally have my first narrow hemming foot. (3mm) I think I just used to avoid the whole issue of narrow hems, my clothes were much to practical. But I have a few light weight fabrics in the stash and I had left a blouse abandoned for several months. My attempts at a hand sewing edge were terrible, so I am in practice mode. I also picked up the ruffled organza elastic trim, it was a lot cheaper than the two hanks that I bought in France. The big buckle, I am always collecting purse findings, I have visions of making my own leather purse one of these days. I have saved my green leather coat and a black leather coat of my father’s in hopes that I’ll make a couple of fabulous purses.

The noro striped scarf is nearly done I am nearing the 6 foot mark. The socks are coming along as well and really don’t have too much to knit to complete the first one.

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