mostly confusion

I used reader to get some of my blogs, that I liked to read. I seem to have saved blogs to read all over the place, wordpress, blogger, ravelry and I think I have some more that I wanted to follow but never found again. Reader now says I can get my blogs on blogger.
So I am trying to learn about the different blog feeds available and how to set my blog up for others to follow as well.
If you follow someone, does that mean their blog is on another list?
Are tags or search options a good thing? I rarely go back to look up specific things.
I haven’t come up with the ideal solution yet, I think maybe there isn’t one but something that will change over time. I will wait awhile yet.

This year I will art journal

A couple of friends and I went out to the sewing show last Friday at the Tradex in Abbotsford. I just wanted two items, neither of which I found. I thought my chances were slim. So I have ordered Swedish tracing paper from Nancy’s notions and I have placed an order with What a Notion for some Amazing tape which wraps around thread spools to keep everything in order. I have used one roll which was 50 feet and still need another, it sure is neater than keeping my threads in various sized plastic bags.
However, I did buy a few things in the arty scrapbook journal section. We then went to Clipperstreet and spent more money on getting some things that I had to have.
I bought a Faber-Castell mix and match mixed media sampler set in green, for my up coming trip. A stensil and a couple of diecuts from Memory box for my bigshot machine. Then I just could not resist dylusions journal, stensil of a stylish lady, some washi tape. THe journal has sturdy pages to work on with a variety of media.IMG_1006

I have since decided that this is journal will be about being 65, there are 64 pages plus covers.

I have been gathering my bits together. Watching videos on You tube about the stensils and the journal.  So  two pages have been started. It may be months before they get posted on the blog. I have done a drawing of tulips, partly coloured with pencils and markers.

class time cancelled

Evidently, my jewellry making class, on the 17th, is cancelled due to a renovation. I was a bit concerned if I even had the stamina to work on a project for 6 hours with my bad neck. I am feeling much better, now I am wondering what I can do instead. Any ideas?

Health and a new scarf.

I have had a couple of slow weeks. The weeks went by quickly, but I am moving slowly. I got a new mouthguard for night time. The fit wasn’t quite right, I had one change made but it is still giving me grief. Sore neck, shoulders, cheeks etc. I have physio with a TMJ specialist this week and then will take her recommendations to the dentist. I am using my old guard for the time being. It seems to throw the rest of me off as well. I am so tired, I have cut back on exercise.

I saw the physio yesterday, I feel much better today, trying something new.
In the meantime, I knit a scarf of my own design, Rowan Tweed in a reversible design. It is in the finished pile now, but still needs the ends woven in, and maybe a button. It is pretty short, it took 2 balls, so it just really keeps one’s neck warm.IMG_1004
I have been playing with a hat as well, so My second attempt appears to be better than my first attempt. I saw a hat of fabric that I loved and would like to do one in felt and velvet as well. I am using the Hurricane hat pattern from Ravelry and will attempt to add a stuffed tube around the bottom edge. I discovered an error in row 1,  the count was wrong. So it is ripped out.
I have to curtail the knitting as the hands are hurting as well.

Class time

I received some jewellry making tools for Christmas and I have been waiting for classes to be announced. On St Patricks Day, I will be doing a wirewrapped necklace with Eugenia Chan. I have long admired her work. I am also eyeing a couple more classes this year. I have tried on  a couple of her fabulous cuffs.  Enjoy looking at the gallery of her pieces.

A few weeks ago

I went to the VGFA guild meeting on Feb. 14. We were trading ATC’s, I forgot to take any pictures of the ones I made. I received some lovely ones in return.
The hostess had made some marshmallows, two types, pink rose flavored one and some dusted with cocoa powder. Just delicous.
It was speed dating night, really it was a way to meet other members and learn something about each other.
A new paper group is starting again. I hope to attend more meetings, it has been a couple of years since I attended meetings.
I won the door prize. A wonderful scarf knit by one of the members, lace a vibrant blue.IMG_0973