Emmaline Butterfly Sling bag

butterfly sling Emmaline pattern

butterfly sling Emmaline pattern

IMG_2377I have been energetic and creative this year and am also thinking I might just start blogging again. I hadn’t intended on taking such a long break. I have also been a bit nervous about this blogging thing with an ipad.

Not really wanting to put all my pictures in the cloud.

I got the pattern and hardware(from Emmalinebags) for the bag as a Christmas gift . I went out I think on boxing day to get fabric and was delighted to get Elementary and Beaded tents as  my fabrics from Stitch and Bobbin.  I was really impressed with detailed instructions and if I had followed really closely instead of charging ahead, I would of had no use for my seam ripper.

I was still sewing clothing and when I could  get my sewing room back after Christmas, I decided to clear up my space and move a bookcase, sort out fabrics, move patterns and now the space was too my liking. When shopping, I was amazed that there was so many different interfacings, that I hadn’t come across when sewing apparel.

I got the purse done the night before we left on a trip to Florida. So I have been using the bag for 2 weeks now. I maybe should have used scotchguard and perhaps a bit stiffer interfacing.

Loving the colour and that bright interior. More