Play time

I had a play day at my house on Monday, two of my friends came over to play with rubber stamps with faces. We stamped out a whole bunch to use in future projects.
We painted brown paper bags, my first attempt is going to be a couple of journal covers. We used a variety of paints and the hardest part was waiting for the paint to dry inbetween appplications.
Sue Bleiweiss
had both the brown bag and the padfolio techniques in the FibreandStitch3.

This blue effort was using a thin lunch bag, the other was a heavier grocery bag. This time it has been made into a Padfolio. The paper was ironed onto felt and I added a cotton lining. I stitched the whole thing on the machine with rayon thread. I made one big signature with about 20 pages, hammed a nail through it to get all the holes lined up and threaded it through with waxed linen thread in the same colour of blue. The pen holds the closure together.

Canada Post was a little better this month, my yarn from Webs arrived in 13 days, alot better than the 31 days of the month before. This month’s Skein of the month is Swoon. Silk and wool, my absolute favorite and this is the first time I have used the EasyDrop Scarf pattern. The colour is Pink Champagne. Pink is the right colour in Project Spectrum 3 for fire.

click on photos for closeups.