A couple of weeks ago, we went over to Gibson’s Landing for the Fibre Festival. It was the 10th anniversary. We went over on the Thursday so just saw the exhibits, peeked into classrooms and shopped the merchant mall. Lots of familiar booths but that was what I was looking forward to seeing.

At Twist of fate I bought a ball of Zauberball,  IMG_0129gorgeous colours. At a couple of other booths I picked up some watercolours, it is many years since I have done any needlepoint but the colours were called Green Tea and Kelp.  IMG_0139Let’s just say they were calling my name.

I also got some hand dyed Panda from Sharon Wickstrom from Armstrong. That was another one that had my name all over it.IMG_0138

We met the men in the pub for lunch, I had a lovely seafood club sandwich.

Some new additions

I went out to Fibres West with a friend on Friday morning and had decided that I’d only purchase sock yarn. Two balls of the blue Summer Sox, Malabrigo green with a greyish cast, Araucania Ranco multy, Mega Boots Stretch by Lana Grossa in two different colour ways. I was very happy with my purchases and we actually had fairly good weather for the hour drive.

Regarding the nests of the last post. I think that they might belong to Blue Herons. On the news the other night they had pictures of similar nests in Stanley Park, the birds have yet to return because of the wet and cold weather. I’ll be driving over to the park to check them out.

Stephanie, I don’t have very good skills with basketry, so I am afraid nest building is out for me, as an art challenge, interesting but will stay in the imaginary realm.
Metscan, thanks for visiting and if I find out more about the nests I’ll keep you informed.

January wool projects.

I have moved to my new townhouse and continue to find places for our belongings and I find some things are now being placed in the garage sale pile. Not everything is going to fit! I also have to organize some of the storage inside cabinets to suit our things.
New shelves have been placed in the office and sewing room, new 7 drawer organizers have been added.
The only hobby that I have participated in for the last while is knitting.

The little tiny sweaters made with sock yarn were fun to do, except for the sewing up part, nearly as many ends as a real sweater. The cabled one still needs the collar added before sewing up. This fun project was from Berocco.
They are the project called Jamb.
This picture will not upload in the proper orientation.

The yarn call Arequipa, was bought in Sechelt. My hubby had been in Peru, on business and looked around for sock yarn for me and couldn’t find any. He heard about a wool store in Lima but, of course, he wasn’t going back to Lima again. He was actually in a city called Arequipa and I knew I was meant to have this yarn. It has alpaca with the superwash wool.

The socks are not yet finished, the first sock was a little too short so I need to add a bit then redo the toe again, I hope to wear them this weekend.

they followed me home

First, a photo of socks that I knitted on my vacation in Europe, and for awhile after getting home. Although this colourway is Vancouver, to me it will always be Provence.

Heather and I traded a skein of yarn with each other, I got some Regia. When we were at the event in Kitchener-Waterloo on the weekend.
One company had a good price on Briggs and Little and we decided on the cream with ideas that we would kettle dye our skeins, I have 8 skeins and now just have to decide on a pattern and it will probably be Tweedy Aran Cardigan by Norah Gaughan. Of course, now that it has been in my hands for a few days, I am loving the yarn the way it is and no longer wish to dye it.

I have a few new balls of yarn, Home by Madeline Tosh. It is the first time I have seen yarn by this artist and this ball of yarn was calling my name.

Here are the sleeves of my Hey Teach.

Today, I went to the Album of Quilts by the Lions Gate Quilters Guild with a friend, great variety of quilts, some fabulous art quilts and I was particularly interested in the overlays of coloured organza.