Guo Pei at the VAG

For the first time in my life, I have gone to an art gallery exhibition to see the same show 3 times and I am going a 4th time before it ends on January the 20th.

Couture clothes by Guo Pei, that yellow gown that Rihanna wore to the Met drew me like a moth to a flame. 41 gowns all magnificent, Beaded, embroidered, feathered. It is a complete feast for your eyes.

You still have time to visit. Here are a couple of links, and couture2I

I managed to get photos with my phone, here are a few examples of the glorious sights.

Thoughts on 2018

Looking back I think only of the good stuff. I remember most of August as pretty dismal, I had a virus and a bad back. That viruses really threw me for a loop, I needed a lot of help from my hubby and didn’t really feel great until November. I felt so good, I went and raked leaves and then swept them into the lane behind my our town house. I slipped on the steps, rolled over with bruises and bent glasses. Fortunately, a kind lady offered to help, she went in and got my hubby to get me up off the ground . So more physio,

Other than that, it was a great year with holidays with family, visits with friends. I had time for hobbies and cooking, I spent too much time on instagram and have actually managed to post a couple photos.

When I was laid up in be in August, I decided to get rid of the craft supplies that I wasn’t using. Of course, ideas are one thing and accomplishing it is another. But sewing and fabrics are now in the forefront of my crafting passions once again. Knitting this year wasn’t satisfying, the tension was all off. The cross stitch stocking for my youngest grandchild (nearly 2) is not done. I need to use extra magnifiers to properly see the stitches and to read the pattern.

The serger requires the magnifiers and or  my husband to thread the needles!


I intend to give this a try this year. I will do a weekly round up. I managed to keep a list of my outfits for 3 days and  did not take any photos! There was little rain this month and it was fairly warm so not many layers.

May 13, so far I have managed everyday to wear me made. Besides bras and socks, it has mostly been knit short sleeve tops, 1 skirt, poor worn out me made pants and rtw jeans. Obviously I have some sewing to do.

May 31, I managed to wear me mades everyday, although I was wearing a lot of repeats in the end. I did learn where the gaps in my wardrobe are and they were pretty much what I expected. I am in desperate need of new pants, jeans, a dress or two. blouses and T shirts.

I did make two blouses, and one pair of light denim pants.

Clockwise from the top, 2 rayon dresses that are now relegated to at home dresses on a hot day, I bought fabric for a new one. Three blouses  one from Seamwork  in rayon challis, two cotton short sleeves with button fronts. Three poly blouses. 2 Style arc Issy.  Four T shirts, 3 made this year, the green burnout stripe and the blue and purple cotton stretch which are good for exercise class. Last 1  pair of light denim pull on below knee pants and two brown pairs that need replacing.


Back to Basics

I wrote this back in January, so a few thoughts on sewing process.

I have not been making great makes. Something had to change. I decided that I had to do some simple sewing taking more care with cutting out and not rushing the sewing.

I started with a cardigan , it was a lovely fabric from Fabricana a few years ago, I cut the wrong size, put on some Petersham to stabilize the edge,. Not good, then tried to take it in, is now in a heap. Not sure where but It definitely needs a time out. (still in the heap)

So the plainest of patterns and some leftover from I don’t know when, and a new T shirt was ready for exercise class. It probably had the best neck  edge I have even sewn. I still need to fix the hems a bit. But wearable. Not photo  quality. I think it was a Kwik Sew basic T shirt pattern.

I started a velvet knit from Fabricland, paisley, teal, what could be better for me. So same pattern just lengthened,  I tried it on neckline and arms seemed Ok, but my oh too tight for me to sit down i, I decided that I could cut a couple  of long triangles and insert them on each side startling above the waist, it is just such a busy print, and it is not too noticeable where I didn’t match. (I wore it back in February and I felt very comfortable in it.)

I made another pair of flat bottom Flo from Style Arc, probably the best yet and I took a dart down the center back  which seem to work pretty well. not the best of material rather a light weight ponte, I think it came in a bundle from Fabricmart. They kept their shape fairly well.(these were in constant use,so pilling already, most of my ponte knit pants need to be replaced.IMG_0181

I finally got a good fit on a bra, made a PUG Shelly  with lace. I added a bit too much extra in the back, so it is not too tight but I think I should take out a 1/4 inch in the back in the next one and still need to improve my lace and tulle techniques.The photo is some of the bras I have made in the last year. The latest is the center one made with light copper duoplex with lace added to the outer edge of the cup, fabric from Bra Makers Supply with a Carmen wire from Emeralderin.


So  some success so far this year.

In the Beginning

I started blogging in October of 2005. I have had 3 blogs and they are now consolidated into this one so just over 500 posts.

I started following blogs and other sewers many years ago. Back in the day there were Rings. There were sewing rings, embroidery and a lot of others. Blog rolls on the sidebars would lead you to other sites, I discovered like minded crafters  from around the world and learned  a lot from everyone. On Friends of Cloth Doll, I met up with a Canadian in Mexico and  after a move to Montreal, she finally moved to Vancouver. So that was fun meeting her as I admired  her work. I always amazed me how you would be reading a blog from someone knitting a heavy wool sweater to cope with the cold and the next blog would be about the heat in Australia. I always loved all the travel posts.

Then came yahoo groups, more dolls, polymer clay,  ATC  and knitting groups and eventually Ravelry.  I took art lessons from Suzi Blue and took another art course as well from Sue Bleiweiss. I have forgotten a lot of the courses that I took.

The journal cover was made before 2008, using a crumpled brown paper bag.

The doll picture I drew and embellished with crayons, paper , paper tape and encaustsic wax over the top, was inspired by Suzi Blu.

One thing that has changed is photography,  not just because of Instagram and filters and new phone technology. Now people are taking much more care in composition of their photos, no more fancy lace shawls displayed on quilted bedspreads. there was an incredible number of photos of socks being knit. sort of like time lapse but over a few weeks of the sock proudly displayed marching down someone’s foot! I was guilty of these things as well.

My topics haven’t changed, knitting, sewing , plants and gardens, travels and a good challenge still appeals.

good intentions

I love reading about all the new challenges that  are being posted for the new year. I am oh so tempted.

A nephew came by the other day and helped me with Instagram. I guess I can post from the camera roll on my laptop,   I managed to get my first photo up. Talk about baby steps, at least it is progress.

I packed up the Christmas decorations.

I spend too much time on Netflix and reading posts about plans. In reality, I just like to dream.

So I have joined the 2018 Ready to wear Fast on Goodbye Valentino, Sara is hosting 1029 people in this challenge and it will give me incentive to post to Instagram.   I  am seriously considering the challenge from Bra Makers Supply as well. A new Challenge per month and the one for January is the colour of the year Ultra Violet.

Introducing ultra violet to my unmentionable drawer is a real  leap. but then I dream of that dye pot. Just maybe, I  can do it.

Yearly update

It has been awhile and I did enjoy the freedom of not blogging,

it seems to take forever to do any thing, in sewing things I get nearly done but not finished, they languish in a pile of ufos. Am I scared to finish? Scared it won’t fit or look stupid? I used to leave buttons and button holes until, I had at least two  blouses to finish. Now a simple job like a hem, also joins the pile.

I have been more regular with my cardio rehab.  Working to get a better range of motion, particularly in my shoulder and trying to improve my balance. Trying in general to look after my health and stress levels. I order my groceries online at least twice a month and get them delivered. I still local shop for fresh veg, fruit and meat.

i spend too much time on Pinterest looking for magical foods that fit our restrictions. I don’t really like baking but I have added some variety to our day by day meals. So I look for egg, beef, gluten and dairy free. I have found some great recipes  and some I consider duds, of course, I sometimes have to substitute something or I read it wrong.

I have started following people on Instagram but haven’t posted yet. I don’t have an iPhone and so still trying to find the easiest way to post with a pic.


So long

I will be closing my blog. The last few years, I have struggled to get photos and content together, let along posting as well.

I have been sewing and exercising, and enjoying life and that is all I need.

I have enjoyed meeting other bloggers. I will still be on Artisan square as Rosemary. I will post any updates over on that site.

October woes

Last month was a blur, there was a thanksgiving dinner on the Sunday. But on the Tuesday, I started to have a series of nosebleeds. It took several days to get  them under control, with various types of packing. It was a posterior bleed which would have required a general anesthetic to cauterise the blood vessel. Due to previous health issues, the surgeon wanted to avoid that. So it was a week in hospital, with a headache and hooked up to monitors. So it is iron pills for me and hopefully I get my energy back over the next few weeks.

Then hubby needed to be hospitalized for dehydration. So hopefully the hospital visits are behind us.

We are looking forward to celebrating 45 years of marriage next weekend , having dinner out with friends and family.

I hope to blog more I had a series of posts written but life just got in the way of uploading them to the blog.

a change of pace


I was fed up with sewing. So I needed to do something else on October 1 and I wanted to make a felt bowl container but thought that I should practise before October 2 when I was going to knit city in Vancouver.

I am not sure sure that I have enough fleece for a larger container and in case I need to buy more stuff. I watched a couple of you tube tutorials and went ahead with trying my first bowl. I found a selection of fleece that I had from a decade ago and dove in.

My hands have appreciated all the lanolin and olive oil soap, my wrists, shoulders and back need some  TLC.(heating pad and rest) I had forgot how much repetition is needed at each step in the process.I was also stronger and a lot younger when I last did felting.

I did buy a sheer  curtain today to work on and I found a piece of fun foam and cut  a circle to use as a resist. I need to buy a better quality of prepared fleece for the next  one, after I recover.

I probably quit too early in the process but  have a container shaped vessel, so some success but I will need to needle felt some of the loose bits, maybe give it a shave and put  some beads on it. The finished container, orange and green over blue.

Only a small amount of fluff came off during the shave and only pokedd myself once with my felting needles.  It would be classified as a soft felt.





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