Merry Christmas

Late afternoon, the clouds are breaking up, the sun is setting, the clouds are pink and it is Christmas day. Peace and good wishes to everyone.

Still Snowing, cooking and knitting

Snow is continuing to fall, we have now accumulated 16 inches. That’s way too much for Vancouver, the snow is supposed to stay on the ski hill.

The hosts of the Christmas dinner have postponed it until Sunday. I had bought a ham just in case we were snowed in and didn’t want to face the streets and other drivers. So we will eat well.

Although, I have had my new stove for a few years, I’ve never had a big baking spree. I usually just do main courses in my oven, as a result, my baking has turned out a little dark on the bottom. Well, really some things have burnt around the edges, so I’ve just been eating out of the middle of the pan! We’ve both have had to test the baking to see if it is presentable.
I’ll have another go at the stove later today. I’ll pay a bit more attention this time and take stuff out earlier.

Knitting has been progressing. We are catching up on some old Battlestar Galactica and I have finished the sleeves for my Briggs and Little cardigan. I probably won’t block it for a couple of weeks, so I have time to think about the collar and neckband and the buttons. I am thinking some Dorset buttons will be fun to do. It has been a few years since I have made any of them.

The last of my Web’s skein of the month came on Monday, Fortissima Socka, in blues and it has bamboo in it. I will just be doing some plain socks. I did download the free sock patterns from Knitting Daily but they are more than I wish to bother with at this time. The Skein of the month club will not be continuing next year. I did enjoy last year and got some lovely yarns mostly in colours that I liked. I haven’t used it all but what I did knit I am pleased with. I made 2 scarves, 2 pairs of fingerless mitts, and I pair of socks and have now started the second pair of socks.

It sure is pretty.

The snowy wonderland is beautiful. While the snow was falling yesterday, I did my first round of baking, mincemeat tarts, brownies and mincemeat squares. I think there is another baking day in the next day or so, I think I’ll be doing shortbread, using my mom’s favorite recipe, Melting Shortbread, I am thinking a gooey square loaded with sugar. I had delicious pecan squares at a bridal shower on Friday and probably don’t need any more but oh so good.
No more snow is expected today but there is more in the forecast before Christmas, thank goodness a neighbour has a showplow on his truck and is keeping our road in great condition.

Finally a little sewing

This is the pattern I used and the jacket I started when on the road trip in the last post. It is a lot closer fitting than the hoodies of old and I like the princess lines better as well. The view, I used, called for fabric strips to be attached to the front, back and sleeves and I will blame the lack of a decent table and poor lighting in the motel, to the poor job I made of attaching them. This is really an at home garment. I had originally cut it longer but while up at the motel, I decided to cut it off at the line suggested for the view I was using. A few minutes later I discovered that the hem was left raw! The yoga pants are not done yet.

My first online purchase with my new account. Lots of detail in this book on ties and totally different than how the big4 pattern companies put them together. My tie making will take place after Christmas. David Coffin covers custom length, details all the different ways of constructing the perfect point and lining. I pawed through all the old ties I had collected and to my delight even found some of the interfacing from inside. Unfortunately the ties were skinny in those days, so I can’t really use them. I did wash them just in case. I may have to order some interfacing from California. The tie fabrics don’t photograph all that well, the one on the left is great in real life. They are from Fabricmart.

road trip

We drove up to Williams Lake this weekend, a seven and a half hour trip. A much better drive coming home as the road was dry but there was still a fair bit of fog. Fog, rain, slush on the road going up made us glad we had 4wheel drive. This was a fair size group of Mountain sheep at the side of the road, about 16 animals, I didn’t count.

I have never been in the Cariboo when there was snow, just a skiff on the ground but living on the coast I have never seen sage brush, and golden grasses in the snow before. I was quite taken with a different colour scheme.

While my husband was out lecturing, I stayed in the hotel and sewed a jacket. It was just a track jacket made of sweatpant fabric but there was a few things new to me and I still have the zipper to put in.

I met up with my cousin for a chat and on the way home stopped for a bite to eat at Bridal Falls and a nursing buddy was in the next booth. It was great to catch up with her as well.