Getting ready for Christmas

The carpet is in and the room looks big until I try to put my stuff away. The bookcases are in and I want my stuff better organized, so most of it is in a different location. My lighting is terrible in this space, so I told dh, I would be thrilled with an overhead light. I overheard him talking about it with an electrician and so I think I may actually get it some day. I swear the builders just do things the easiest way, without thinking on how the room may be used. The switch on the wall works a lonely plug in the corner, behind a door, not convenient to anything.
I am making headway but there is still a lot to be done.
There is a small pile of books that will be given away.

Friday night, things are nearly all sorted out, just not quite in the right place yet.

I am a great procrastinator, so far I have gone through the Christmas boxes and have set up my kitchen window with my sheep collection, I love looking at them in this location and this house has a north facing window just like the old house. Rowanberrystudio, started me off with that collection many years ago. It is up to 27 now. Friends and family have all given me sheep over the years. It is so much fun to get them out each year.

Slowed down but still moving

On Aug the 3rd, I twisted my r ankle, it is still taped up and I am hoping today that the tape comes off for good. It came off a couple of weeks ago but it was too soon and my foot was quite painful and swollen. Evidently it is a torn ligament. Thank goodness, I was hanging on to the stair-rail when i misjudged that last step. So besides having physio twice a week, I also had osteopathy this week as well. So since then I have been feeling very energetic. It’s been two days since I wrote the draft, I have an air cast on at the present time.

We had our youngest son and his wife staying with us for a week. We had a big party, lots of food and a really good time. A little sailing for them, a trip to Gibson’s landing for the fibre festival, down to Granville Island to see the shops, some more shopping, etc. The boat engine was overheating, so hubby has been working at taking it apart, and got it repaired with assistance from said son.
There was knitting on socks, crochet lesson and lots of reading and this is when my foot was resting snuggled in ice packs.IMG_0135


Isn’t it great to have friends that understand you?
So here we are with pictures of our socks, we all understand the need for blog fodder. Plus, it is also good to have a hubby who photographs whatever I want.
Stephanie and Anne came over to see our new townhouse and have tea.

a brand new bag

Last year, I recycled our old sail from the sailboat. I took it to Red Flag Designs and a couple of weeks ago, they phoned to say that they had a thank you gift. So today this neat bag came in the mail, it is really sturdy and very well constructed. Don’t know yet what I’ll be carrying in it but I’ll think of something.

A new Direction

Only fourteen days and Project Spectrum begins again. Each year comes with a whole new set of guide lines and as usual with any challenge, we get out as much if not more than what we put into it. This year it is based on Cardinal Directions and Lolly has posted the schedule for the next 8 months.
A excerpt from Lolly’s blog-

“Just as the cardinal directions are linked to a color, each direction is also linked to a season, an element, and a natural material in many cultures. This quartet of features (color, material, season, and element) are a part of this cardinal direction. As a participant in Project Spectrum, you can choose to simply explore the colors associated, or even the textures of the natural material. If you choose, you can interpret the directions through the lens of the associated season or of the element. Your interpretations can be literal or esoteric. You can explore the science or the philosophy. Like the Project Spectrums of years past, it is totally up to you!

NORTH (March/April)
Color: Green
Material: Stones/Gems/Rocks
Season: Winter
Element: Earth”

Once again there is a Ravelry connection and a flicker group will also be added.
I think I will be doing a sock theme, I am on a roll so far this year with socks. I have some great green sock wool in the storage locker. I’ll add some sewing, maybe a necklace, green is a recurring theme for me. Maybe even my coat for the great coat sewalong will be revisited.

A New Year

The winter storms are still here, this is a long time to be near freezing in Vancouver. Enough with the piles of snow and still it snows a bit more each day. It is getting harder to turn into the driveway with the huge pile of snow on either side!
Last year, I chose a word to guide my year, instead of a resolution. My word was embrace and I tried to hug all the new experiences to me, it was a lovely year! I just may have embraced a little too much food and not enough exercise but knitting and sewing and altered art creating were full experiences with lots of opportunities to learn.
So this year, I am thinking of using more of my stash, I don’t intend to not buy new things. I just plan to spend mindfully. I have been packing up my things, prior to moving house. The fabric, the wool, the craft supplies are mountains deep. The books are also an impressive pile.
I plan to use more of the recipes and cook more often. I had gotten out of the habit and I have found enjoyment in cooking again.

Damselfly posted this video called Tiny knitting today. Such lovely small sweaters. There were some related videos on a new movie and info on making the miniature figures. A great one on hair.

Still Snowing, cooking and knitting

Snow is continuing to fall, we have now accumulated 16 inches. That’s way too much for Vancouver, the snow is supposed to stay on the ski hill.

The hosts of the Christmas dinner have postponed it until Sunday. I had bought a ham just in case we were snowed in and didn’t want to face the streets and other drivers. So we will eat well.

Although, I have had my new stove for a few years, I’ve never had a big baking spree. I usually just do main courses in my oven, as a result, my baking has turned out a little dark on the bottom. Well, really some things have burnt around the edges, so I’ve just been eating out of the middle of the pan! We’ve both have had to test the baking to see if it is presentable.
I’ll have another go at the stove later today. I’ll pay a bit more attention this time and take stuff out earlier.

Knitting has been progressing. We are catching up on some old Battlestar Galactica and I have finished the sleeves for my Briggs and Little cardigan. I probably won’t block it for a couple of weeks, so I have time to think about the collar and neckband and the buttons. I am thinking some Dorset buttons will be fun to do. It has been a few years since I have made any of them.

The last of my Web’s skein of the month came on Monday, Fortissima Socka, in blues and it has bamboo in it. I will just be doing some plain socks. I did download the free sock patterns from Knitting Daily but they are more than I wish to bother with at this time. The Skein of the month club will not be continuing next year. I did enjoy last year and got some lovely yarns mostly in colours that I liked. I haven’t used it all but what I did knit I am pleased with. I made 2 scarves, 2 pairs of fingerless mitts, and I pair of socks and have now started the second pair of socks.

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