Time well spent

Lately, I have spent too much time looking at Google earth. I used to put in addresses and just see what could be seen from a satelite but all that has changed since reading Maggie’s blog. She bought a book on photos from outer space and then starting playing with the maps for her designs.

So I went along a canal in England, along the south coast of England, I visited Paris, Barcelona and Rome. Had a look at the Coliesuem, a garden, a few marinas. I then skipped over to Greece to see where I had stayed in Athens, I think I found it but all the street names were in Greek so it was a little challenging, but the detail now on the maps is impressive.
I checked out part of the boat route for our upcoming vacation, I could even see the oyster beds in the south of France.

I went to Vancouver Museum to see an exhibit called La Belle Epoque. For a while we were the only people in the gallery and it was a wonderful collection of dresses and accessories. A lot of the details could be used today in clothing and a few pieces were quite timeless and you could see them on the red carpet. Tiny shoes, bags and gloves and a great variety in hats. It was a really fun morning and when you can share with a friend, who appreciates the details, all the better.

Foreign Studies

I have put a few challenges in my path. We are planning a vacation that will include Italy, Spain and France, so I got some language cd’s from the library. I was only considering getting one at a time, but the helpful librarian insisted on setting me up with some holds and I don’t think I have them all yet. I picked them up on Friday and still haven’t turned them on. I am thinking one in the sewing room and maybe one in the car to start.
I hope to be able to ask a few questions about food, and directions. The rest will depend on charades!

I was over in Vancouver on Saturday and was able to pick up 2 Japanese pattern books. I am very excited to get them and the learning curve for these is pretty intense. I have found out that there is a forum to help one through the diagrams. With the Burda books, of which I am a fan, there are different lines for each size to trace. With these there is a diagram and I am not yet sure how it works exactly, but I think I must first make a sloper for my body and then alter the pattern as shown in the diagram.

I see the difference.

THe sweet pea socks are no more, I had left it alone for a few months and for the life of me could not get the pattern working for me again. I think I am lace challenged.
Although Heather had done a good job of dyeing the yarn to a match a picture I had sent her, she felt it was a little overly bright. It did look brighter in real lfe but it was still a pretty yarn.
Over Christmas, we reskeined the yarn, put it in its vinegar bath and got out the black dye and a little blue. Presto!! A very subtle yarn and on close inspection very, very neat.

Toe up socks, I hope.

The toe up sock slowly progresses but I still don’t know how it will all work out. I find it a little disconcerting to knit in this direction but I guess it will work out. Most of the things I knit require a fair bit of ripping out and adjusting. The same can be said for sewing.

The shawl from yesterday was my own design about 22 inches wide and 72 inches long.

Golden Shawl

Finally, a picture of me wearing the shawl that I finished months ago. I started this one twice, originally it was to be triangular but it was restarted and is now a rectangle. It is lovely and light to wear and blocking improved it tremendously. Click on it to see my glass pin. It looks perfect on this shawl. The yarns were a silk eyelash from Fleece Artist, the Green was Distrato from Gedifra and the shiny ribon was Kimono Ribbon from Louisa Harding.

I’m Ready to Knit.

I went to the Island and found Fleece Artist Seconds at Beehive in Victoria. I was delighted with the good price. The green and golden browns will be socks for me.

The browns with the grey will be for my hubby.

The blue. gold, green, red combo, I couldn’t resist, it’s for me too.

The Jitterbug came as a Christmas present from a friend for me.

I am all set to knit with my new bag from Heather.

Two pairs of socks

This is a late post of two knitted gifts for Christmas.
I made socks, for my DIL, from Indigo Moon superwash merino wool, the colour Wine
Country. My fastest knit with socks ever 9 days from start to finish. Just a plain sock with a flap heel, knit with 2.00mm needles.

I made socks, for my S#2, with 4 Fadig Color Regia, they took quite a bit longer but I still used a 2.00 needle. I added extra stitches through the ankle. I made them a little too long so I reknit the toes and they fit better now.

A Word for a Year

No resolutions for me this year. I read a blog mentioned on Fiber and Stitch about using one word for a year. There is a list of words. or you can choose your own, and you apply your word to all aspects of your life. So I have chosen the word “embrace”. For several years the words “embrace life” have been my touchstone. I am now ready to apply it to so much more. It interests me to think where it might lead.

The dictionary meanings for embrace: 1; to hold, 2; to enclose, 3; to accept eagerly(an offer, opportunity, 4; to adopt (a course of action, a cause), 5; to include and 6; to take in with the eye or mind.

I am going to have to have quite the change in my mindset to embrace cleaning up the kitchen.