A couple of Presto tops

In January I decided to make a couple of tops. I chose the Presto top by Coco  Savage, I made a size large and the first one I made was the burnout cotton/poly ?, I bought from Fabric mart. I loved the pattern but the hardest part was the front seam. Two  front pieces sewed down the center fold, but I liked being able to adjust the depth of the v neck at this stage of the pattern. The  sleeves were a little too narrow for me and they  tend to roll up above the elbow. People thought I had lost weight and got a lot of complements.\



The second blouse was made with a light mesh fabric from Fabricland, I made the sleeves a little wider. The fabric match up the front was not as good this time and the other problem I had was the hem, my fault, I used stretch lace hem tape, which I thought was a good idea but where it was sewn by machine it pulled too tight and so I have taken out that seam binding and will probably machine stitch the hem in place. I can’t resist a paisley especially in blue and brown which I can wear with jeans and brown pants.



Shams at Communing with fabric has also made the top a few times.

I will be making it again. I love a nice tried and true pattern.


Que or not to Que.

I am slowly discovering different parts of Ravelry. I really like looking at the different designers and their creations. I have been rather lax at posting pictures of my stash, although a good portion of it has been photographed. Also plain socks, how many do people want to see. I do like having a record in one place, so it look like I will gradually put pictures on line.

The question is the Que. There are some incredibly long lists out there. I did buy yarn with projects in mind but don’t know if I’ll ever get to them. I’d probably list Christmas things. I sort of work with the yarn I am drawn too at the time, can I find the right size needles, is it an easy knit, can I figure out the pattern.

I do have some socks on the needles right now, but I ripped out sweatpea and I am knitting plain socks instead.

A couple of dolls are calling my name and I have been attaching one bead at a time and have taken a few hours doing that.

My new jeans fit so well, I am attempting to trace out a pattern off them. I should have that done by tomorrow.