Grey clouds continue.

My daylilies continue to bloom whether it rains or not. I think the names are Second Thoughts, Bonanza, Pardon Me, Pink Damask and Prairie Blue Eyes. I did visit a daylily farm in the Fraser Valley, I think there was 1500 varieties. It was quite impressive.

After the rain

Hosta leaves after the rain.

I was out in the yard taking pictures of my daylilies. I think I have 8 varieties in bloom, and I haven’t been keeping up with the deadheading. I had been playing with the camera and pushed a few buttons and didn’t like the results, so have had to set the camera to default. I had to shake the rain off each one. I am thinking of putting my pictures on flicker.

I was excited to read Louisa’s blog on Miksang. Loved the photos on the site.
Knitting, baby jacket, back, fronts and part of one sleeve are done.
Sewing: nearly completed, 2 blouses, I really just need to do a couple of hours work.

Time will tell

Even though I commented yesterday on the boat and the state of the foam mattresses, I forgot to mention the trouble with fitted sheets. I have attacked this problem again.
I have made many fitted sheets in my time and on a regular bed or even tent trailer when all the corners are square it is a relatively simple procedure.
The boat foams are different not a square corner anywhere! The first sheet I made fitted the width of two mattresses side by side. The problem is this. The old covers are a nylon velvet, this has nap, so when you sleep and get out of bed occasionally the sheet creeps up from the foot and by morning it is above your knees. The foams are different widths and are contoured to fit the hull of the boat, bevelled edges at the foot, bevelled along one side the entire length by about 6 or 8 inches, so across the width of the widest foam it goes from 1 inch to 4 inches in thickness.
This time the approach is to make a fitted sheet for each foam, so each foam was up on the cutting table in the sewing room with an old sheet, corners were pinned, sewn, strips of fabric cut off, edges serged and then some elastic was added. Here’s hoping, it will all stay together, it isn’t very pretty on the back, I have done pretty before and it hasn’t worked.
After all that, I used 3 boxes of Tintex Royal blue, and dyed a blue sheet, a pink one and lavender pillowcases. They are still 3 different colours but it is a more co-ordinated look.

It was so hot last night in the house, we did consider going down to the marina and sleeping on the boat.


Yesterday, there was a breeze along with the high temperature, but today no breeze. Just 32 degrees in the shade on my deck. I did spend some time sewing this morning, even set up a chair in a shady spot outside but walking to and from it was too hot.
I am working on a new blouse, now that it is half way together, I have to make some modifcations.( it doesn’t fit right, I discovered that it needs a zipper and that it has bias tape on the edges of the arm hole.) All this used to be written on the back of the pattern envelope but no longer on some of the patterns. I had already changed the pattern with an exposed facing on the outside of the garment and I don’t know if I want to do that with the bias as well.

Knitting progresses each piece from the previous post has gained a few rows at least.

Boating update: After sleeping a week on the old foam mattresses we decided to upgrade with new foam. Then I washed all the covers on the bed and salon cushions, twice through the washer each. I shudder at how dirty they were. Now we are looking at getting new foams for the salon cushions. ($800 bill doesn’t include new covers) but we discovered a great deal of mildew and they are now gone. Hubby is also entertaining the idea of a new mainsail, we won’t be ordering that until Sept.

The fan is going to be pointing in my direction all evening, while I watch Canada’s next top model and then So you think you can dance.

To cope with the heat, a mid afternoon shower, chips for salt, a milkshake and I am reading a fictional account of living in the glaciers in the days of the iceage. I only felt cool for 15 minutes.

More crafts on board

The magazines to keep me dreaming of my next project. Sewing, dolls, altered art, journal for ideas, knitting book, another pattern for the socks and 2 novels. (One fairly good but both trashy for summer reading).

Sweetpea socks, I did the sock on the left while on the boat. I really needed knitting instructions with me, the fresh air had addled my brain, couldn’t even remember ssk, and m1 drove me crazy, plus my guage was off. At home I went to my usual size 2mm, much better, I still can’t count but I have now completed the 2nd pattern, it is easy, really. Isn’t the yarn from Heather pretty. When I was typing in the label, I wrote sweatpea, freudian slip, if my knitting had been correct with no ripping, I’d be done a sock by now.

The baby sweater has grown by a whole 2 rows while we were away.

I have completed the sleeves. I think, they haven’t been cast off, just in case. I decided to change the Best Friends sweater, the general shape will be the same but there will be too much weight pulling on the shoulders and neck. I am working on a moss stitch yoke.