renovated the jacket

Since my last renovation post was about the master ensuite, I thought I’d better clarify this post. Yes the ensuite is done,  but that is another post.

Several years ago, a friend passed along to me a boiled wool jacket with a zippered front, and all edges were banded with a knit edging. I wore it alot but honestly it had seen better days. 

So I cut off the trim, zipper, collar and facings and set about changing the look. I rounded the corners on the neck and hem edge of the front. Then I added rectangles with rounded corners to the sleeve hems, back of the neck and to the front as plackets for the buttons. The collar I revamped that section into a pocket.  Then I added some sea glass buttons.  The look I think is more me. Unfortunately the jacket is still a little tight, It was snug before the alteration as well.  I think it will make a neat jacket for the boat.

shortie cardigan

I fell in love with this project, when I was in Nanaimo, in the shop ” mad about ewe”.

It was a fun little knit in purple for a little one year old and I made a size 2/3T which should last a while.  I just need to add a button. It is a dark purple in reality.

It called for one ball of supersoft aran.


Scroll books.

A few months ago, Cloth Paper Scissors had a scroll travel journal, which I just thought about. When my friend, Anne decided to lead a group with this project I dove right in.

I had a piece of canvas partially painted with yellow and a red, my it was garish and had to banished to a closet. It was also very large 3 feet by 5 feet, I had an idea, just didn’t pan out too well.  So I ripped 5 inches or so off one end, even with gesso I had no trouble ripping it. So then made three differnt covers.  I used all manner of paints and my favorite with Caron D’arche water colour crayons, lovely vibrant. Inside I tried some more of the crayons, nice and pastel  a little too washed out for me. I put that layer of pastel over a piece of canvas that I had misted  over with a homemade glimmer mist.  Not the best. So more layering continued. Then it was time for rubber stamps, not too good on such a rough surface but it added something. Then out with the stencils and a black sharper pen to fill in the spaces.  I used coated wire from my collection.  I put matte medium over the outside of the scroll. Then I made the cords to hold it all together, I used yellow soutache as the base, and glued and twisted in a variety of short fibres. To get that to stay together properly I sewed down the cord with a zig zag stitch with yellow thread on top and green in the bobbin. I gluedn in a couple of maps, a page from a book and some co-ordinating papers from my scrapbooking collections.

Anne used her book while on vacation. So far I just like mine rolled on the mantle.

I found a book.

I wrote a long time ago about Bookcrossing and I have neglected in being a participant. I always look through bookshelves  and found a book in a hotel lobby.  I have never read a V.C.Andrews book so I picked up “Cat”. Ut was a bit too much young adult for me.  But I felt excited to find a  book from bookcrossing.

I haven’t released it into the wild yet.

Rainbows and Sunsets

I made a couple of fabric postcards this week.

I had some silk fusion that I had made a few years ago, so I went to work with Shiva paint sticks and the texture sheet and made a bunch of shapes. So it became Rainbows and Sunsets, stitched a few lines, added a text line which I used some ink on and then, added a few plastic sequins, which is one of my favorites. Covered it with some chiffon.  I went around the edge with the zigzag.