This is the atc(artist trading card) for the yellow swap. The doll is my challenge doll from 2004, we had
to use the striped fabric. She is from the Cirque de Soleil.

This is the atc for the New Years swap.

I am hoping that all this will work. I seem to have a tough time with these pictures.


This is a sample of my yarn swatch for the olympics.


I made the big decision and joined up today. No doubt, I am enthusiastic and possibly overconfident( or nuts). I have decided to make a sleeveless top using my own design using Giotto and jersey fabric strips. I will upload a picture of my swatch tomorrow, but tonight I did figure out the width of the fabric strips and have taped my fabric to the carpet. this is going to take me awhile to cut out.
As part of my olympic challenge, I have decided to at least look at all the blogs of the knitting athletes. I am up to the “J’s” my goodness there are lots of wonderful socks out there in blog land and also a lot of cats!

On the gardening front, my amarylis is finally in bloom. It looks wonderful, beautiful pink. It is getting very top heavy and wobbly in the pot and I am lucky if it hasn’t fallen over during the day. I prop the inner pot under the rim of the outer heavier container and hope for the best.

I am going to revamp my circ needle case. it was not successful and the needle collection just keeps on growing.

limnited success

Knitting has been a very slow process. I have one completed sock. Don’t know when I will finish the next one. I started another pair of socks and realized that there was very little stretch in the cuff. So ripped that out and had a rethink on that project. I did complete a scarf with Cha Cha which was a Christmas gift.  It is 14 stitches wide and about four feet long.

Atc’s- I have mailed off my yellow atc’s . It is the first time that I have used one of my photos as part of my paper art. I photographed one of my dolls.I’ll post a photo of it later.


I forgot to write anything yesterday, It seemed enough just to get the photo on site. I am already planning the next lot of yarn dyeing. I want to do a series with black added to the mix, one series with brown added to the mix and a pastel series.  I then want to buy more dye as well. I bought my dye at Opulence. I can’t remember how to do a link to  them , will add it later.  The next thing is really to knit up some of the yarn I have dyed, then I’ll get a better idea on wither or not the stripes are wide enough or if I need to recalculate the lenght of the hank before I begin. The process was easier the second day. Just a little more organized. Heather and I just went for it. No accurate measurements for us, we decided to make all one of a kind skeins.  We’d both start with a chosen colour, then it was lets make it bluer or more purple and just add dye until it was right in our eyes. We wrapped our hank in saren wrap and then microwaved for 5 minutes.  It was a great deal of fun.